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Oh animated movie review on site that show animation what shock but for real the reason why i doing this is because it going to take time for me to finish bioshock for a review* ya get into this*


Ok this one is going to be short because I have barely any background so ya but i can say this. I remember when disney was releasing the disney classic on blu ray on dvd* and i remember getting two movies when these releases were making the rounds . i had jungle book and sleeping beauty and no my sister did not buy this let say i'm not ashamed to watch girl stuff unless it barbie brat then get that shit away from me . i remember my grandma buying us 101 dalmatians* but that was on* the day me and my brother had to go see our dad so ya we didn't get to see it. So what about robin well i actually saw this on vhs ya and you must be asking why the f$!# did you have this on vhs well one potty mouth and two oma had vhs and me and my dad brother would go out and get movies at the library when i was a kid. so ya we got this* on vhs and i don't remember liking this and let's say i proceed to watch toy story for the 100th time. But that dumb ass me* what do* i think of the movie now well .


Ok summary the story take place in ye* old England in the town of nottingham where prince john go to help fight crusade mean while he give his crown to his brother* Richard making hing* and if you know the tell you know how this goes he use his power to abuse and take the people money meanwhile robin hood take from the rich and give to the poor. And what i just said is that the way i can describe it is 60% fun silly action pack disney movie and40 % plot.* and even though i hate * lumination and some dreamwork movies * i mean the silly part not the action pack and fun part this movie did it some right in my options. ya even know it sounded harsh at first i actually enjoy let me explain. First is the animation ya it not that great you can tell this movie feel like it saving money and ya i know.* but what budget is did throw it are the character movement every character either it be character or personally have a movement * the distinguish them either it be small large fat skinny it make the silly and fun* movement feel and* excuse me here fun. The other reason it knows when to slow down and ya for a movie like despicable me and minion are comedies but one there alot of comedy and comedy or not and i really mean non comedy animated film too.* sometimes there moment* were there force comedy to either balce a movie tone when it a family film or just writer didn't know how to move the movie forward then there moment where there no plot at all and just joke and when it come to that i just see as junk food for kids who are watching this so when this movie have barely have* any plot* and it just fun and silly this film know when to hold it back and calm down so me or anyone who just want to shut their brain off . so the plot itself it ok* everything else feel connected and not feel like it just there to do the stuff it does so ya . like i said the voice actor does a good job and like i said with the movement of the animation . I guess the only problem is where you can tell the reuse of animation but that is something you can ignore .

Final thought

This movie good it not great but it nothing terrible it a movie where you can just shut your brain off and have fun and i mean that in a good way

There wasn't much that I liked about Robin Hood. I honestly, whole-heartedly, enjoyed Home on the Range more, largely for the surprising and even frighteningly good charisma between Judi Dench and Roseanne Barr, the two biggest opposites in the world of female actors. But Robin Hood was basically a rehash of previous Disney movies made to look like an original idea with a big budget. Animations, voice actors, etc.

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It's been a long time since I've seen Disney's Robin Hood, but I remember thinking it was a good movie, but not as good as most of the other Disney animated classics.

But I love Roger Miller.

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^ I knew it. I knew Robin Hood had more country than the medieval folk it should've had, and lo and behold, a recorded country artist.

I didn't like any of the Robin Hood movies. It's kind of a cool story about stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. But all the movies I saw were poorly made. Disney cartoons, on the other hand, I like.