A film similar to the War of the Buttons


Many years ago I watched a video on TV in which there were two competing groups of kids at what looked like scout camps (which I'm not sure about) or something like summer homes between the woods by a lake or pond. Both groups had their bases. One had a base in the trees, the other I don't remember. There was a rule that neither group looked for the other's base. One group broke this rule because they were tired of losing to the first one. They attacked their base but lost. I know that during the attack in one of the scenes some kids went under the base but not for long because they were splashed by mud spread by something like a propeller. During the attack there were also bees that were used by the kids who were defending themselves, but as a last resort both groups were dinged. The group that lost was furious and then they got into a neighboring camp causing damage to the parents of those kids. I don't remember exactly but there was probably a scene with tadpoles or frogs in a bathtub or something like that.

I really already thought I had found this movie in the War of the Buttons, but it's not that though it's quite similar. I say right away that it's not the movie The War (1994) and The Little Rascals (1994) because I was prompted by those tulles as well.

Maybe "Daddy Day Camp" (2007) ?
Nope. This isn't the one.

Were the kids boys, girls, or both? About how old do you think they were?
The age range I think was somewhere between 8 and 13, well maybe still age 14, but I won't cut my hand off for that. It seems to me that in the film the children defending themselves probably had a dog, but I don't remember for anything what breed the dog was and whether it was small or large. I'm not even sure if I'm confusing this animal with another movie. Of the additional things I can recall is that after the attack on the "tree house" there was a scene in which two kids (a boy and a girl, of which the boy was the commander of the defending group) were talking about something and I only remembered that a bee stung him on the buttock. Next to them was some kind of metal barrel or something like that and he pulled the drowning bee out of it. A little later there was a scene in the forest how the children who lost forced the other ones to walk down a corridor they had formed of themselves and beat them with branches. The last thing I remember was two fathers arguing in front of a group of people. I don't remember how the movie ended.

Maybe "Heavy Weights" (1995) ? Do you remember something more?
No, these children were not fat or obese. By the way, I greet my compatriot especially since this is my first post.

No, these children were not fat or obese. By the way, I greet my compatriot especially since this is my first post.

So maybe "La forteresse suspendue" (2001) ?
Every summer war games are played out between the rich kids and the not-so-rich. To assure a possible win, war leader Marc decided to add another tactic to these games--terrorism.

So maybe "La forteresse suspendue" (2001) ?
I checked out the sample video and this is literally it! Thanks!!!