sci fi, future dystopian society of people in networked pods


I am trying to remember the name of a movie where people if a future society are living in pods isolated from the real world. they order takeout and the main character is a boy who remotely operates a loader for work. his mom is addicted to video games and cant talk about anything else. the boy spots a girl on his loader camera. then his pod gets damaged by lightning and he manages to get out. there is a police drone that he then tries to avoid. he finds the girl and her family and has to learn how to talk because most communication was texting in pod. he learns about living in the world again with the family while avoiding the drones from the world order. he falls in love with the girl.
i believe the title of the movie is a one word male name like "logan" or "morgan" or something like that. thanks for any help you can offer.

I feel this should be easy to identify but I can't find a match.

When did you see this?
Was it something from the USA?

I think it came out more than five years ago, possibly up to 15? years ago? not 100% sure. definitely american. i don't think the film was hugely popular. i'm pretty sure it had a one word male name for the title of the film. the first part of the movie is the boy in his pod. he gets up does his heavy equipment job (remotely operated loader i think) if i remember correctly the pods are a type of one room concrete bunker type living space with a chair/bed thing in the middle where the people have all the controls for the immersive computer use.(not sure if it was VR goggles or a screen) you can order in take out and there are advertisements for this on lunch break. while he's loader operating i believe he spots a dog and stops his loader. as he looks at the dog. i think he catches a glimpse of a human girl in the trees. then after being stopped for a while there is an authoritative voice that comes on to see why he was stopped and commands him to get back to work. he tries to communicate with his mom but she is generally fried and can only think about the latest video game. he plays a video game too and after work manages to beat the toughest final part of the game and he is momentarily elated, then he realizes how empty that accomplishment was. there are some flashbacks of his mom dumping him off in his own pod at a young age. i don't remember exactly what breaks his pod control system or maybe power connection but once it breaks he has a tough time getting out and i think he goes over to his mom's pod. she doesn't answer and then a police drone comes and examines him. i thnk he then hikes to the site where his loader was and tries to find the dog and girl. he is weak from not much physical activity, but finds the family. they grow all their own food and are self sustaining. he needs to first learn to talk because most communication is through typing and texting. the texting is like a new language that encapsulates all the grammatical shortcuts everyone uses in texting only much more. so he's got to learn to communicate verbally, and eventually learns about the real world and how to survive under the guidance of the family. there is a strong matriarch that is the head of the family and i don't think there is a dad. they are cautious to avoid the drones and don't want to be spotted. they lose a scarf while walking and a drone spots it and comes looking for them. they hide from the drone. anyways i hope that is enough to jog some memories in someone? thanks in advance if you can help me with the title.

I found something from 2017, an independent movie with a single name title 'Elliot'. It might be too recent to be what you're searching for.

"....Elliot is a lonely maintenance worker inside a stark and mysterious power supply complex. His only interactions are with a supervisor named Face who communicates to Elliot via different video monitors and overhead speakers located throughout the facility...."

no. it's nothing b-style. more polished. and definately older than 2017.

I keep thinking:

The Thirteenth Floor (1999)
eXistenZ (1999)

A Google search also came up with Dark City (1998)

Been a while since I saw any of them though.

no, for some reason i keep thinking the name of the film was like Morgan or Logan. i think it came out somewhere in the 2000s but that is not for sure. the computer games from the film were not virtual reality, it was more like playing a 2D action adventure. the film tries to highlight the emptiness of a disconnected computer society where every convenience is provided for you versus aligning with nature to provide for your needs. it is not a very dark movie. it's more of a hope for the ability of people to reconnect with nature. there is a world authority that is basically run by A.I. and administered by drones and through communication in the computer pods. essentially there is nobody at the helm because everybody is into the latest video games and busy being self absorbed. the bulk of the movie is after he gets out of his pod and learns to be around people and fend for himself. I think the mother of the family he joins has a couple kids of her own, but the rest are other kids that got out of their pods. i think the adults for the most part are too addicted to being catered to that most of them could not exist in the natural world where you have to hunt and gather. I would really like to find this movie, cause it sort of feels like it has something to say about covid lockdowns and the desire my kids feel for computer games and online interaction with friends instead of doing something that does not belong to a virtual world.

Did you see this in a cinema?

My other thought is - perhaps it was actually an episode from something....Doctor Who....that kind of thing maybe?

no, not in cinema. i watched it on netflix and i think i had a digital copy at some point. it is not a tv show or a netflix special. it is definitely a hollywood style movie. (apparently not that popular) i thought the female lead might have been the redhead mom from lost in space series, but i couldn't find it on her bio. any other forums that you can recommend i go fishing on? is there a chance there was some sort of infringement that might have gotten it pulled from public realm? i am considering going through the full list of movies that came out from 2000 to 2015... any thoughts on how to track it down?

oh wait, she WAS in it. i found it. it is the movie Darwin. (2016) cool.

You found it! That's very good, and quite a relief really -- it was beginning to bug me that this film was proving so hard to track down

Here is a trailer for the film. Yep, it does seem kind of interesting:

I just watched this on YouTube under the title "Defile" from Movie Chamber. Fake title but amazing movie. Thanks to you asking on here, I was able to get correct title so I can tell others about this movie! Thanks!