Movies you couldn't even finish.


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dont agree with you at all

Home Alone 4, just terrible.

Love the art of Ralph Steadman, but not an interesting documentary. Johnny Depp SO pretentious.
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My idea of purgatory would be to watch this movie in its entirety.

Never thought I would hate a Kate Winslet movie.

this only somewhat counts but i fell asleep during transformers: age of extinction

The Rocky movies. They are boring and overrated.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

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Movies I walked out on due to sheer boredom:

Wag the dog worst movie ever made

I walked out on pans labyrinth all captioned movies better be awesome it didn’t work for me

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Enter the Void

The Rocky movies. They are boring and overrated.
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Recently, it was Good Time and The Lobster.

Good Time seemed to be good at first, but half way through, I lost interest.

The Lobster was a pretentious and an insanely overrated pile of crap.

Obviously a terrific true story, but this movie sent me to sleep. Maybe it got better, but I didnít stay around to find out.

Oh boy. At first I thought it would be cool, considering 2 people practically did everything (producing, writing, soundtrack, directing, acting -if you can call it that), but aaaaahhhhh, no. Didn't make it past half an hour. Not even funny-bad, just bad. Opening title tune was ok though.
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