Is The Tuxedo (2002), so bad that it's good?


Oh okay, interesting, I haven't heard of that one. Well when it comes to movies that are so bad that they are good, would Basic Instinct count as one? Like The Birth of a Nation, it's well made physically, but the writing and plot is more on the unintentionally silly side?

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It's kinda funny The Birth Of A Nation is one of your so-bad-it's-good movies. You're the only one I've seen refer to it that way.

I can't answer you about Basic Instinct since I haven't seen it, but that one looks pretty good to me. It looks like something along the same lines as Fatal Attraction.

Oh well both movies are about a Femme Fatale with Michael Douglas, but I would say the executions are both very different. Yeah I am probably the only person I know who thinks of The Birth of a Nation that way, but I found myself finding a lot of it unintentionally funny, so I guess I have to call it as I see it.

Do Junior (1994), Napoleon Dynamite (2004), and Death Wish 3 count as so bad they are good movies?

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Out of those, I'd say Death Wish 3 comes the closest since it's not a straight-up comedy and even then I think it's at least a little aware of how ridiculous it is.

As for Basic Instinct - maybe? I personally wouldn't think so because I didn't get much out of it, unintentional comedy or otherwise. Sometimes a film can just be bad.
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Napoleon Dynamite is deliberately cheezy and cheap-looking, so no. It's just a comedy with a specific vibe.

Junior is totally self-aware, they cast the greatest bodybuilder of all-time as a pregnant man. They knew what they were doing and leaned into it, and just as a film it's reasonably well-made.

Battlefield: Earth could qualify because it has the budget and talent to be good, and is trying to be a serious sci-fi film, but looks cheap and is tremendously silly anyway.

I feel like most of these questions were hinted at earlier, though. "So-bad-it's-good" describes films with the intention to be a good, serious film, that fail miserably, and usually are unaware of it. Horrendous production design adds to it, but it's usually about the gulf between ambition and reality. They're funny the way a toddler trying to be stern is. "Ah, look, it thinks it's a real movie!" That kinda thing.