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Nah, all three of my brothers are, but every time I see a hot new BR game all I can think is "everyone will have moved on to another one in a few months." Apex is the one I played the most and I enjoyed it a lot, but that's about it.

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H&K MP5 deserves more praise.
Tarkov seems very different from the other BR games, honestly, I don't think this game will die anytime soon. The community is growing and growing.
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Tarkov seems very different from the other BR games, honestly, I don't think this game will die anytime soon. The community is growing and growing.
Well, I'm not saying it'll die, just that the groups of friends I would play with would move on. Anyway, the communities of all the other sudden hit BRs all grew just as fast or faster. And you can still play them, even though they're no longer the hot new thing.

These games are like nightclubs. I'll be shocked if this one is the first not to wane after a decent interval, relatively speaking, since it's happened like five times in a row.

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Don't think I ever want to play a BR game again. My time with PUBG was glorious but when I burned out on it, I burned hard.

Still slowly playing through Judgement, here, in between sessions of RDR Online (which has become my new game to listen to podcasts during).
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I guess I've cycled through my gaming urges for the year. Since disconnecting for Christmas vacation, I've not had much desire to get back into it. I suppose it's preoccupation with other things but there was a DLC update for CONTROL not long ago. I played it for maybe 40 minutes or so and it was intense but I just haven't felt the addiction come back. The delay was too long I guess since completing the game before new material was released. I tried to pop into RDR2 last night just to ride around and shoot things but gosh, it took too long to slowly walk across camp, find my horse, and ride out just to have all the lil critters run away before I could get into range.

I might try Witcher again tonight. See how that goes.
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Decided to ditch The Witcher 3 because I finally got around to picking up Shadow Man on N64. This was a game that was obviously a source of morbid fascination during the N64's heyday - horror on a Nintendo console was still something of a rarity in those days - but I never managed to get a copy until now. I'm liking it so far - easy enough to prefer because it's the kind of horror where you at least stand a fighting chance against your opponents (but not enough so that the game gets too easy either) and everything about the plot and atmosphere seems to be just my thing (traveling to hell and back in order to fight monsters and eventually the world's worst serial killers in order to save the world). Only real problem I have with it is that it's non-linear to a fault and also puts quite a lot of emphasis on collectables so you have to do a lot of backtracking whenever you unlock new abilities in order to collect enough of them to progress even further. Still, I'd say I'm enjoying it more than not and it's nice to be playing something comparatively simple.

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If you want more N64 horror, I can't recommend Eternal Darkness strongly enough. You may have already played it, but it's very clever and innovative, particularly for its time.