Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice


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My biggest issue with the movie was Bruce doing pull-ups with a 30 lb. chain around his waist with about four 45's hanging off.

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I saw it a month ago. These movies are getting more and more intense, way too intense for my taste. It has its good points, though. Ben id great as Batman. Gal also did a fine job, used to the maximum what she was offered. Bligh me, I think maybe the best part of the plot is hoe Lex drove them against each other (in the context of them going that way anyway). The movie is definately dramatic, one of the most dramatic I've seen. It would be difficult for me to rate it. I still have to think about it.

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Well as probably the biggest hater in this thread I watched the ultimate edition and to be fair it wasn't all that bad.

Probably on a par with Superman Returns, not quite as good as Superman 1 or 2 and nowhere near as good as any of the Dark Knight movies. Perhaps the ultimate edition makes the movie better, as earlier complaints seem to be about it being an incoherent mess, which I found wasn't the case.

Still plenty wrong with it;

-Amy Adams just isn't Lois Lane. showing her age too, Cavill is early 30's and she is early forties, never feels like a real romance.
-Jesse Eisenberg was terribad as Lex, just not a good Lex incarnation at all. Just terrible writing and acting for Lex.
-The music is really lacking compared to Williams Superman score, Zimmer seems to save his best work for Nolan or perhaps Nolan gets the best out of him.
-The reason for Batfleck wanting to kill Superman, I'm not really sure I understand what that is, a better story would've been to have Lex corrupt Superman and have Batman defeat him then save him.
-One minor thing that really irked me was why were the criminals branded by Batman being killed?? What exactly is so bad that they get killed for it, wtf??

Things B v S did well or at least better than Man of ****

-The action, at least you could tell what was happening this time as opposed to the CGI blur of MoS.
-WonderWoman was fantastic, with so little screen time, great theme for her too. More WW next time please.
-Batman was good too, a worthy follow up to Bale/Nolan. Still I feel the movie would've been so much better with Bale.
-I liked that the film was slow to pick up the action and not just one battle after another.


Agree almost with what Gandhi just said ^^

2 points though... Bats was only branding particular criminals. Child molesters and sex traffickers.

And... I don't agree with Lex Luthor being badly written or cast.

What I took from the story, was... spoiler alert guys!!!

WARNING: "BvS Plot" spoilers below

Luthor, throughout the film is winding Bruce up. He knows who Bruce and Kent are... he's not stupid, which is why he acts that way during the party... the "Don't pick a fight with this person" scene. Of course, this is just Luthor's sick sense of humour coming out, unknowingly to Bruce and Kent.

From the very beginning, Luthor has been working on Bruce, knowing he will bite.
He's also been working on making Superman a bad guy. Basically, he works from behind the scenes to frame and discredit Superman and give him a load of bad PR.
In turn this also makes Batman angry, he makes Batman believe the bad PR, along with getting the populous divided about Superman.

Also, Luthor knows what Batman knows, especially about Kryptonite... and Luthor knows that Batman will try to steal/take the Kryptonite once it is in the city, and will forge a weapon from it.

Luthor brings in the rock illegally after Senator Finch removes Luthor's permit for import (which is partly why he kills her, the other reason he kills her, is she is willing to give Superman a legal chance at redemption, basically good PR... good PR for Superman is something Luthor does not want. He turns Wally into a puppet too with that rigged wheelchair) ... and having the rock stolen by Batman, is all part of Luthor's master plan.
Watch how he reacts when he comes back to LexCorp and finds the rock gone, and the Batarang sitting in its place.
He smiles. Batman has played right into the plan... bat-hook, line and sinker.

Then, with Luthor knowing who Superman is, ie; Clark Kent... he kidnaps Martha. But only after he knows that Batman has the Kryptonite.
The ultimatum, is kill Batman, or Martha dies.
All the time knowing that Batman has a weapon that can kill Superman.

Luthor won't, and can't, kill Superman himself... so he turns Batman into a puppet. He works at him, and works at him and works at him... and then gives him the ways and means to kill Superman... and then blackmails Superman into fighting something that, unknowingly, he can't defeat.

The backup plan, was Doomsday.
Although, Luthor was more than likely going to release Doomsday anyway regardless of who won the fight.

Lex Luthor, in this movie, is the first time we see genuine genius behind the character... and it's the first time we see Luthor actually win and defeat the Man Of Steel.

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Personally my favs are spiderman batman and ironman.

It was great movie!

Ben Affleck did such a good job!

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Isn't it fascinating how this thread is 18 years old now, and back in 2004 when it was bumped one user thought this movie never would get made?

Time... it's a helluva thing.

Generic stuff, however action setpieces were top notch