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I just want to hug (your FACE)!
I'm logged in via my new (and actually working) workstation! It's only taken me the last hour to get Windows installed and my wireless adapter working correctly, but all seems good now. Apparently the MOBO had an external antenna to plug in. I thought that was just for show. I mean, if my phone can do it... But here we are. I'm online and running updates for a very CLEAN pc. In fact, I don't even have Office on here yet. Things look kind of bare at the moment.

System shows my processor, all the ram, and I even learned how to partition my drive during the OS install. I'm still shocked by how QUIET this thing is. I mean, I'm typing here on a website through the PC but I keep glancing at the case to see if the lights are even on. It's that quiet. Very impressive, that.

As noted before, there's no graphics card installed. I did google prices and ...screw that! Geez, people! I could buy a nice guitar for the price of one of those! So that just leaves a secondary SSD drive which, btw, has recently gone up in price =\ I guess retail just ain't retail anymore now that prices fluctuate like a damn stock trade.

Other than that, I guess most everything is done short of a few primary app installations. So, I need to reboot as I see several updates are bottlenecked waiting for me to stop typing here.

Gnite, all. At least until I get on my phone.
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I just want to hug (your FACE)!
Minor update:
Now that I'm back home and recovering from a week long bout with the flu, I've returned to very light work on the pc. For what I can endure, at least, with this exhaustion.

I know the MOBO HDMI out works from last week's BIOS and OS installs. (Wait. Two weeks ago?) But I wanted to connect the second monitor. Hm. It looks like only USB C/Thunderport ports are available. This is new territory (again) so I had to read up. Unluckily, the only thing Best Buy offered was severely priced beyond any reasonable expectation. Luckily, Amazon had a TB3 to display port cable for a sliver of a fraction of the cost. And it can deliver free, on Monday. So yay for monopolistic big brother industry giants to save the almost weekend. All in all, it's still not bad to run multiple displays off just the CPU and MOBO. Hopefully I'll have the energy after a full day back to work to test all this Monday night.

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Is this becoming my Star Citizen??

Don’t get me started

(And nah you’d need about another $1000 in the GPU to be even near buying a starter package )
Virtual Reality chatter on a movie site? Got endless amounts of it here. Reviews over here

I just want to hug (your FACE)!
^yeah, no GPU for a while. I would like to get into VR but one money sink at a time =\

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I was terrified that I broke my motherboard when I got back. After getting home, I quickly tossed everything from the rental to my truck to get the rental back before getting hit with another 24-hour bill cycle. When I got back I noticed the PC case was not quite as settled and balanced as I thought I left it, finding it had fallen off its stack and was now 90 degrees on its side in the back of my cab interior. Luckily, I had repacked it (and all of its internal components) back into the original shipping container and foam bracing before the trip. Still. I know the CPU cooler was heavy and tall. I was scared the impact of the fall might have created enough force to possibly snap the mounting bracket or the motherboard itself.

Last night was really the first night I had the strength to deal with unpacking this thing to move it back to my work space. Also, that USB-C to DP cable came in, so I decided to tinker. First, I installed the second SSD. Newbie Tip: Second SSDs are not quite plug-and-play, it seems. My heart stopped after booting up and not seeing the new, second drive in Explorer. I knew I'd had to format, but I did still assume there would be an icon of it to get properties from. NOPE! After a bit more Google-fu, I learned that I needed to confirm the system was even seeing the drive through System Information/Storage/Disks. There it was, listed with all the correct specs so step one accomplished. Next, I found that I needed to use the Partition Manager to format and parting the new drive. Spooky stuff, but after spending 20 minutes over analyzing a three-block window it finally clicked for me. One disk was my first SSD with the OS and sub partitions. The other, empty block was apparently the second, unformatted drive. The cool thing is that the steps are mostly all automatic down to even the volume naming. I spent another 10 minutes researching what I might destroy if I named that incorrectly because I'm obsessive like that. Once satisfied, I clicked a few more buttons and that was that.

My drive now shows as D:, right next to C: in my Explorer window. Whew! Last time I was in this area back in 2001, I accidentally reformatted my college drive losing all my cool lil animations and stories =\

After confirming the drive availability, I then plugged in the new video cable. I've never used USB-C/TB for video. Too, without a dedicated GPU, I kinda doubted this mysticism. But dang if it didn't work. As soon as I powered on the second monitor, I heard a reassuring blink of Windows telling me its got me.

Dual display is now working! All through the MOBO ports. So cool.

If I have the strength this week, I'll start cleaning up the area to try to get a few pics maybe. At least I can insert some of the build pics into earlier posts.

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I've been using Minitool Partition Wizard for years instead of partition manager, which is as user friendly as Trump's hair routine.
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Whew! Last time I was in this area back in 2001, I accidentally reformatted my college drive losing all my cool lil animations and stories =\
You've reminded me of the time, aged 9 or something, that I copied something I'd seen my dad type into a command line. (In my memory it was this: */*). It wiped the folder I was in, which contained all my little experiments in Basic, including two 'chose your own adventure' games...

I reckon I still haven't forgiven computers for that