Question about the plot to Aliens (1986)


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They mostly come at night. Mostly.
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... and if one of those things gets down here then that will be all, and all this this bullsh*t, you can just kiss all that goodbye!
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On my last re-watch the one that stood out to me was "I don't know if you've been keeping up on current events, but WE JUST GOT OUR ASSES KICKED!"

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it s actually 5by5

i ve seen this movies about 20 times, and i would still watch it, that s how much rewatchability these movies have

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Oh okay... Yeah I guess... It's just when you watch other movies, the military has no problem doing dirty deeds for the government. Like in Avatar or District 9 for example, the military is doing pretty sinister things, and the public either ignores them or supports them. So it's hard to swallow this Alien universe when everyone has sense of moral pride, compared to other movies, where the government has no problem finding people who are all about risking their lives to take whatever they want.
Think this just goes back to that it was a private corporation rather than the government and this Corp had a secret agenda.