Movie about alote of sex ?


Hello all !
I hope I can give an accurate description, I really have no memory only some scenes I remember.
its an old movie not too old maybe as old as Requiem for a Dream.
its a story about bunch of people having sex ? its not censored so sometimes they show penis.

so I remember a scene of an a teenager licking a Mature women maybe in her 30's

another scene of a Girl ( maybe latina ) having sex with 2 boys
another scene same teenager having sex with mature women in kitchen it might be his friend's mom I dont remember ?
its not a porn movie

maybe someone could recognize these scenes from a movie ?
I am so sorry for lack of description but I need to find this movie

I am doing my best

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omg ! yes you guys are awesome !
thank u

There is a documentary about sex, sexuality and relationships... with actual nude scenes..
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