Young girl older man have relationship.


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Watched this movie about a couple years ago. I believe I remember the basic plot.

Older man with family lives on same street with younger, pretty girl. They eventually have a relationship for a while and then stray apart. The pretty young girl is grown up and started looking for the man. She finally found him working in a warehouse where she visited to confront him. I believe they fight in the cafeteria and have several conversations. Both the pretty girl ( grown up ) and the man are fairly well known actors. It is driving me crazy I cannot remember the name of this movie. Can anyone help!!!!????

There have been a couple of adaptations of Lolita, so could be one of those. Not my cup of tea, so i've never bothered to revisit the Stanley Kubrick version after the one time (and that must be 30+ years ago) and haven't ever sat through the others.

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It is not really at all like Lolita. If I can just remember the woman actress or the actor then I could find it.

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WOW that's the movie I was looking for!!!! How you guys figured that one out amazes me. Thanks so much!

Could it be Una (2016) with Rooney Mara
Clever Claire. Iíve even seen this movie, but didnít connect it with the movie heís looking for.
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I saw this movie