The MoFo Top 100 of the 2010s Countdown

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The Social Network probably shouldn't be anywhere near as good as it is. And it is fantastic. Though I suppose when you have David Fincher directing an Aaron Sorkin script it damn well should be? When we all heard "they're making a Facebook movie" we collectively rolled our eyes imagining the worst case, lowest common denominator result of somebody trying to shamelessly cash in on a phenomenon. Something more like the soulless The Emoji Movie. Instead, some of the best in the business saw the opportunity to comment on this media age by seeing how this one major piece of it got started by a bitter guy and his buddy in a college dorm room. Fincher is best known for his thrillers, and rightly so as he is really peerless in that genre. But what sometimes gets lost in that genre worship is just how great a cinematic storyteller he is. Without killers and visual shadows to hide in, The Social Network had me hooked from the opening scene. If compelling is a tone, Fincher is a master of it. Jesse Eisenberg was a perfect choice for Zuckerberg, able to convey sympathetic vulnerability one moment and then somebody you want to repeatedly punch in the face the next.

It was way high on my list, up at numer-o three. Which should just leave two more of mine in the Top Five.

2. The Tree of Life (#10)
3. The Social Network (#6)
4. Incendies (#30)
5. Take Shelter (#67)
6. The Artist (#87)
8. Silence (#43)
9. Birdman (#21)
10. The Revenant (#53)
11. The Favourite (#61)
12. A Hidden Life (DNP)
13. Hunt for the Wilderpeople (DNP)
14. Nightcrawler (#55)
15. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (#72)
16. Her (#9)
17. The Wolf of Wall Street (#11)
18. Blade Runner 2049 (#8)
19. Silver Linings Playbook (#24)
20. Blue Ruin (DNP)
21. Room (#97)
22. True Grit (#40)
24. Get Out (#19)

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Although I've enjoyed several of David Fincher's other films, I've never had any interest in The Social Network.
This is where I'm at also. Don't use any social media outside of here, a sports and a music forum. But I should check the film out sometime.

Victim of The Night
I'm not keen on biopics or Andrew Garfield and I detest Facebook. So I've always steered clear of the Social Network! Maybe I should watch it!
I mean, it's a good movie, but wow.

Stats: Final Stop

Decade Breakdown
  • 2010 = 12
  • 2011 = 10
  • 2012 = 12
  • 2013 = 9
  • 2014 = 11
  • 2015 = 12
  • 2016 = 8
  • 2017 = 7
  • 2018 = 5
  • 2019 = 10

Well, that's as even as it could be. Three years with 12 entries, and three more close with 10 and 11. No decade had less than 5 entries, which I think is interesting.

Repeating Directors
  • Denis Villeneuve = 5
  • Martin Scorsese = 4
  • Quentin Tarantino = 3
  • Gareth Evans = 2
  • Anthony and Joe Russo = 2
  • Taika Waititi = 2
  • Richard Linklater = 2
  • Alejandro González Iñarritu = 2
  • Joel and Ethan Coen = 2
  • Christopher Nolan = 2
  • Robert Eggers = 2
  • Paul Thomas Anderson = 2
  • Don Hertzfeldt = 2
  • David Fincher = 2

As stated before, Villeneuve will end with 5 out of 6 eligible films, Scorsese close behind with 4 out of 5, while Tarantino ends up with 3/3 for a 100%.

Genre Breakdown
  • Action = 13
  • Romantic comedy = 3
  • Romantic drama = 2
  • Thriller = 12
  • Crime = 6
  • Comedy mystery = 1
  • Science fiction = 10
  • Comedy drama = 12
  • Horror comedy = 2
  • Drama = 20
  • Horror = 4
  • Western = 4
  • Fantasy = 3
  • Documentary = 1
  • Experimental = 1

Dramas remain at the top here, with no other genre really close. Action, thrillers, scifi, and comedy dramas round up the Top 5 in genre representation.

So far, we still have 14 "foreign" films, and 6 animated films in the countdown.
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The Social Network is a well-made film but I never liked it enough to consider for my list. May be worth a rewatch now that Meta is 10x bigger than it was upon release. But I have some other David Finchers that I haven't watched yet higher on my priority list. & at least a dozen new watches from this list
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

A system of cells interlinked
I had The Social Network al the way up at #4, just behind the big 3 sci-fi films that are my favorites of the decade. Holden already said it best: This film is way better than it has any right to be. Even now, on paper, I would think it is something I would watch once, think was pretty good, and then never return to. Alas, I find it almost endlessly watchable, highly entertaining, and on a technical level regarding both the script and the film making technique, is is pretty close to a perfect movie. I never tire of it, and I have stopped asking myself why.

"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

This is where I'm at also. Don't use any social media outside of here, a sports and a music forum. But I should check the film out sometime.
Do you think it is a movie about using Facebook? It. Is. Not. It's about the starting of a company and the personalities of the people involved and their betrayals. You need know absolutely nothing about Facebook.

I liked Social Network, 6th of the decade is bonkers though. I always think I’m not gonna like Jesse Eisenberg in things but he always turns in an excellent performance. I just watched him in Fleishman is in Trouble and he was great in that too.

This top 10 is somewhat regrettably starting to resemble a list of Oscar Best Picture nominees, with an emphasis on perfectly fine films that are not particularly special (I believe that so far only Blade Runner 2049 was not an actual BP nominee). So yeah, The Social Network is ... fine. It's fine. But who am I to fight the consensus?

When I first heard about David Fincher making a Facebook movie I was all, 'that sounds dumb what is he doing." But it's an excellent film. Didn't make my list but would have made a top 50. Now I want a sequel! Same people involved. It would probably be great too.
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We're heading for an all American top 10 aren't we.
If it was up to me Shin Godzilla would be in the top ten, but I guess you guys weren’t ready for that yet.

A system of cells interlinked
My ballot so far...
  1. Blade Runner 2049
  2. Gravity
  3. Arrival
  4. The Social Network
  5. Brooklyn - DNP
  6. The Revenant
  7. Incendies
  8. Life of Pi
  9. Dunkirk - Assuming DNP
  10. Prisoners
  11. The Florida Project
  12. Boyhood
  13. Birdman
  14. Will be Top 3
  15. Interstellar
  16. Her
  17. The Man from Nowhere
  18. Wasted Slot - Should be Nightcrawler
  19. Sicario
  20. Hell or High Water
  21. The Guardians of the Galaxy
  22. Inception
  23. Get Out
  24. Zero Dark Thirty
  25. The Raid: Redemption

The Social Network is a very good film that wasn't in contention for my list probably because of how long ago I last watched it. All these comments pretty much match up with my memory of it. I don't think you could have had a better combination than Sorkin and Fincher for the story being told and I have no problems with it being high on this list.

80/95 seen.

Gonna be on 85% once we're done. As I mentioned I've got one from my ballot left to show. Of the other four, I really dislike three of them which sums up how polarising this decade is for me personally. Mad how quick this list has felt, with only four days now left, assuming second and first are revealed at the same time.

Seen: 32 - Bladerunner 2049 - This movie was slow and boring for me, it didn't catch my interest.

Social Network - The movie was alright, I didn't care much about it.

Not Seen: 60 - The Tree of Life, Her and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
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