The MoFo Top 100 of the 2010s Countdown

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Logan...More superhero films? Well I guess it's fitting as this decade has been overrun with those artificially flavored popcorn movies

Midnight in Paris
...I LIKED IT! I didn't love it but I bet I would if I seen it again as Woody Allen has went from being a director I once loathed to a director who's filmography I now really enjoy. No vote from me though.

I've known my #1 wasn't going to make it for about 8 years now.
In the comedy countdown, my #1, #3, #7, #10 & #11 didn't even make the top 120. I'm expecting more of the same from this countdown.

I mean, seriously…. Dude is a monster guesser.

You sure you aren’t hacked by him, Speling?
Lamb is actually an alternate account of mine. I created the account, so I could rob raul of the win.

Haven’t seen Logan since the theater. I thought it was fine, but an Xmen movie with boobs is still an Xmen movie.

Really like Midnight In Paris but it has been quite a while for that one as well. Despite being a big Allen fan, I didn’t have a movie from this decade on my list. If I did, it would have been Blue Jasmine.

Thanks, everyone! It may be time for me to hobble off into the sunset, "undefeated and untied," like Bill Murray in Space Jam.

(Though, of course, I could be tied with Torgo again tomorrow.)

No no no. This can't be.

I haven't seen Logan but where the hell was Whiplash!?!

And Midnight in Paris in the top 50?!?! Seriously!?! Taking a bad turn this countdown is.

I'm still expecting Whiplash to show up.

Logan is a very good film, my succinct thoughts:

Logan (James Mangold, 2017)

A "superhero" film that instead of aiming to conform to a larger canon, opts to tell a more singular story with its own life. Reminiscent in some ways of some of cinema's most classic hero/anti-hero stories, almost as a modern Western. Very enjoyable.
Midnight in Paris is good too, although it's been too long since I watched it and my memory of it is very poor.

I haven't seen either John Wick or The Act of Killing, although the latter is very high up on my watchlist.

Alright been following behind lately, seems to be about three days on average but appreciate all the thought and commentary from you all. Going to check every day now that we're in the top 50!

I liked Black Swan quite a bit but it's been a long time time since I last watched it and not really keen on revisiting it anytime soon. Ex Machina, John Wick, and Logan all get passing grades from me but with varying degrees of buts... I think others commented on Ex Machina not quite living up to expecations and I wanted more considering the talent and this particular sci-fi genre niche area. John Wick is fine for an action film but I knew what the filmmakers were doing and I just don't care. Logan is good for a comic book movie and for the X-Men series but they are just all over the place in tone and this was like a sort of what could have been. Midnight in Paris is one of those random Woody Allen films of the last...30 years (?) that is actually good. There are a handful of them.

The Act of Killing is brilliant and terrifying and I cannot recommend it enough. It's one of a kind really. I remember reading the synopsis before first watching it and thinking this has to be amazing and then watching it and being amazed. When you have a documentary that both Werner Herzog and Errol Morris are singing praises how can you not want to watch it? This film is a top 100 of all-time for me. And yes as mentioned The Look of Silence is very good too.

3. The Act of Killing (2012)
4. Holy Motors (2012)
8. Under the Skin (2014)
12. Joker (2019)
14. The Turin Horse (2011)
18. What We Do in the Shadows (2014)
22. Moonlight (2016)
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First batch in a while where I've seen neither.

So, here's where I'm at, including the chances for the rest of my list...

Seen: 43/56

My ballot:  
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Midnight in Paris is a fun, sweet, smart magic realism film that I have never been able to get enough of. Owen Wilson was the perfect Woody Allen stand-in, and seems a natural as the slightly neurotic, rather high strung writer in love with the myth of Paris, who's able to get writing help from the likes of Hemingway and Gertrude Stein, who befriends the Fitzgeralds and Picasso and a whole host of other artists who were in Paris in the 1920s. It may not be Allen's best movie, but it's one of his most enjoyable. I had it at #4.

My List:
2. Take Shelter (#67)
4. Midnight in Paris (#45)
5. The Shape of Water (#52)
9. Nightcrawler (#55)
15. A Separation (#90)
16. Ex Machina (#49)
I may go back to hating you. It was more fun.

The trailer for Logan, accompanied by Johnny Cash’ spectacular cover of “Hurt”, was one of the best I’d seen in a while. I love Logan the character and was very much looking forward to Logan the movie.

But it didn’t quite land for me. First off I thought it was unnecessarily violent. I love bloods and gore and stuff, but for me it just felt like the creators got the go-ahead to finally make an R-rated movie with Wolverine that they just made it ultra violent because “fans wanted it”. I mean, just the first few minutes of the film has some boobs and Wolverine who says “f*ck” and shortly after, blood. It just didn’t feel right to me. It felt forced. That’s just me I guess.

The movie did have some scenes I really liked, Jackman was great and the very end of the film was perfect… last time I watched it I saw the Noir version in black and white and it worked better for me, because the violence felt less in your face in a way. Oh well…

I really like Midnight in Paris. Only seen it once, but I enjoyed it a lot.

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• #45. Midnight in Paris (2011) - this was my #15.
Knowing that this is one of the Woody's recent works which the Controller told to the population it is good, I had a hope it gonna appear. I even hoped for top 30 although when the other approved Blue Jasmine didn't appear in the lower half, I've started worrying about Midnight in Paris too.
Anyway, it is here now. A real feast of artistry. We always celebrate when grand masters release a work though I've suspected that Woody was forced to give main role to this guy Owen Wilson, a regime's protege, so that the movie to be allowed. Hard times... Thanks everybody who supported it.
- (90/100)


• Never heard Logan (2017).

my stats

Top 100 seen 24/56.
(#441-458 • seen 2/18
one pointers • seen 4/35)

My list:
9. Albert Nobbs (2011) [#453.]
14. Ida (2013) [#71.]
15. Midnight in Paris (2011) [#45.]
25. Ága (2018) [one-pointer]

(my extended top 60)

28. Certified Copy (2010) [#84.]
29. Hell or High Water (2016) [#73.]
30. Jagten [The Hunt] (2012) [#57.]
34. Nightcrawler (2014) [#55.]
40. The King's Speech (2010) [#78.]
41. Joker (2019) [#60.]
55. The Descendants (2011) [#98.]
56. 1917 (2019) [#86.]
57. The Revenant (2015) [#53.]
60. The Artist (2011) [#87.]

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Saw Logan only once at the cinema and it still resonates with me. I like what they did with the whole Professor X
WARNING: "" spoilers below
losing his mind and Wolverine proving that there were certain wounds he couldn't heal from.
The young girl Logan cared for that had similar powers was excellent. Still, no vote.

Have not seen Midnight in Paris but I'm intrigued by it and a fine cast. No vote.

List so far:
#10. Hell or High Water #73
#11. Zero Dark Thirty #58
#15. Edge of Tomorrow #68
#24. Gone Girl #65
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Jessica Chastain III
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Michelle Williams II
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Robert Downey Jr. II
Jake Gyllenhaal II
Leonardo DiCaprio II
Rachel McAdams II
Taika Waititi II
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(pls lemme know if I overlooked anyone)

Logan is upper tier of comic book related films, not just from this decade. I have it at #67, still expecting DOFP to show up. Midnight in Paris is a beautiful romantic comedy, my ballot needed some of that, I have it at #7.

SEEN 43/56
BALLOT 12/25