Which Foreign Film Do You Consider The Most Bizarre?


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For me, "Leolo", of course!
It's one of those movies I had to see twice to get the full jest of it. One has to be open and insightful to understand how vulgar, shallow and grotesque it appears on the surface, but has deep seated humanity...thoughtful, beautiful and exceedingly morose as well. Pitiful and sad. The movie is human internal conflict through and through.
With all of these facets of life that mostly dwell on struggle, toil, mental illness and despair, the film manages to insert some very, shall I say, "interesting" humor.
I think it's a masterpiece. And a puzzle with a few parts missing.
Leave it to the French Canadians!

If you haven't watched it, and have a yearning for something that breaks the boundaries of most film norms, I highly recommend you give this a look-see. Bazaar, but makes perfect sense.


The Boxer's Omen

Tetsuo: The Iron Man

These films three have given me the most bananas **** I've seen on screen.

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The Boxer's Omen

Tetsuo: The Iron Man

These films three have given me the most bananas **** I've seen on screen.
I've never seen them. Thanks. Now they're on my list.

Border (2018)
Very weird movie, but interesting in the same time.... seen it not long ago
Gräns - the original title - Swedish
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Audition (1999). It's a straight up drama until the last 30 minutes then it just turns absolutely brutal. Has the guys subconscious set in or are the events really happening?

The beast or La bete 1975, one of the weirdest ever

i dont have a clue =/
https://youtu.be/vXD8y7MjaUo Wanda Maximoff - Scarlet Witch +The Vision WandaVision
https://youtu.be/G2zyqYCuHao Wanda Maximoff - Scarlet Witch
https://youtu.be/cwvGyR-CgPs Natasha Romanoff-Black Widow
https://youtu.be/UEuN4tT47WM Wanda Maximoff - Scarlet Witch
https://youtu.be/Ofk3DoT_wwQ Wanda Maximoff - Scarlet Witch
https://youtu.be/6z0QapneuYs Wanda Maximoff - Scarlet Witch

For me it's The Last Circus heres a very accurate description I found on reddit.
"spanish language film. Sad clown likes Boss clowns wife, they have a fight, nobody wins...then the wheels fly right off and absolute insanity unfolds. Great cinematography, a very different kind of story and above average acting!"
There is some stuff in this film that is uforgettable and alot that is certainly alot that is uncomfortable.

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