No Time to Die (James Bond 25)


she has become an obsession to me, such lovely lines....a goddess
This poster bananas! Have you seen Knives Out? fuggedaboutit!

I do agree with ironpanda that the trailer did disappoint because of the two returning characters from Spectre.
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Ana de Armas is exploding like Margot Robbie did recently. She's been really good in everything I've seen so far...even the horrible Knock Knock.
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There are also these rumors flying that Lashana Lynch will take over after this movie and be the new James Bond, but do you think those rumors are true, or is it just media trying to get headlines, etc?

Are there rumors about that? There was that clickbaity headline about the fact that she takes over the "007" code name, but not the character, but that's all I've heard.

I assume it's either a reference to that, or else pointless speculation based in nothing.

Oh okay.

We've gone on holiday by mistake

I like, interesting choice for a Bond theme. My Mum however, who was sitting in the same room as me when I got it up on the television, just came out with "what a load of ****".

Why did they release the song before the movie is out?

We've gone on holiday by mistake
I like it, it's a Bond theme but with a softer touch.

I dont remember any worthy bond songs in the first place, at least not in my lifetime. They scrapped radiohead wtf.

That being said this market tested of somberness just really really boring. But its sell.

I dont remember any worthy bond songs in the first place, at least not in my lifetime.
Not even an okay song imo - still boring. Even to have chris on it, still forgettable. They should bring the whole band.
I mean

At least the movie itself has proven it not deserved that level of craftmanship.

No accounting for taste. It's way catchier (and blood-pumpier) than most others. Clever lyrics that tie into the film, and the chorus even fits the fact that we've got a new actor in the role. I can't wrap my head around people not liking it.

Fair enough. Still dont care though, if the arrangements itself sound boring then no matter what it gonna say imo.
Just recheck quantum of solace. I wonder how its not so impactful back then but hey, at least this a fine one for blood pumpier.

Doesn't have the same driving beats, but I guess what pumps each person up can really vary. And I say that as someone who really likes a lot of Jack White's stuff.

Anyway, love the Cornell one, and the Eilish one, while less my style, is still very very good.