The Night Agent (2023)


The Night Agent (2023)

Watched the first 3 eps of this last night. It's a very well written espionage thriller by creator Shawn Ryan (Mad Dogs), with several different directors, which seems to be common in these type series (10 eps).

It stars Gabriel Basso (Super 8) as a low level FBI agent who gets pulled in to help solve a conspiracy.

If it keeps up at this level it'll be one to remember. The only minor detraction for me is that some of the dialogue is a little sophomoric.

Available on Netflix subscription and various streaming sources.
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We wrapped up the series last night. I'd recommend it even though it couldn't reliably keep up the same level of interest and thrills from the firs 3 eps.

There were several detractions for me: the dialogue tended toward triteness and over emphasis; apparently they felt it necessary to use the F word in nearly every sentence (even by characters one would not expect to be frequently using the word); and the present day insistence of having women displaying the same physical abilities as men is getting a little long in the tooth. Having 110 lb. women in heels and designer clothing (with coiffed hair) dispatch 250 lb. bad guys with kung fu/ MMA ease is getting beyond silly.

Still, the series is nicely watchable. 6/10

I haven't seen whether or not there will be a second season. The ending certainly has provided for it.