B&W Inventor dad gets rich; girl wants food not touching; same dress


Have been looking for the title since the time when I saw (at least most of) this film, which was on TV about thirty years ago, at which time it was already an "old movie". It's from the days of black-and-white films. It's in English.

An American family goes from rags to riches when the husband's (Van Johnson or similar blond actor) invention becomes successful, so they move from a tiny apartment to a mansion, which they're standing outside at the end of the driveway in the daytime when a man (short darker hair and maybe moustache) and woman (long straight blond hair put up), who are their new neighbors, walk up to them to welcome them to the neighborhood. The four of them decide to have dinner at the new house. The hostess (played by an actress with hair that's straight, above shoulder length and blond, who was in other films made around then, but not very famous like Van is) smiles and says says "Let's say six?" Van frowns and says to her "Aw Mary [or whatever his wife's name is] that's when Susie [or whatever their daughter's name is] eats!" and then to the neighbors "How 'bout ten-ish?" smiling. The female neighbor laughs and says "Let's say eight-ish!"

In their bedroom she isn't sure if she should wear her new dress, but he says since it isn't a fancy gathering, they don't need to dress up and that therefore him simply wearing his sportscoat (it's light colored) and her the white shirt and light colored pants she already has on is fine ... till he notices her underwear seams show through and tells her to look in the mirror. So when they answer the door they're surprised to find the male neighbor is in a black tux, and the woman seems not in a hurry to take off her coat. She says "Well I guess it has to come off sooner or later." making the two wonder for a moment what she means as it's removed, to reveal the exact same dress.

The little girl is their only child and has past shoulder length straight brown hair (which I think was not super dark). One day Van takes her along with him when he goes to a restaurant (with the female neighbor who wants him to meet someone for business reasons). The waiter suggests to her a PBnJ, and lists what it's to be made with. She winces in disgust and says "You mean all touching each other?" (She never liked her foods to touch each other.) He asks the waiter to bring the parts of it to her on a plate with each in its own separate pile, which he does. Van suddenly has to leave and asks the female neighbor to drive his daughter home to the wife, but she ends up sending her in a car alone instead, and the mother is outraged.

Wasn't sure if it was considered comedy or drama, since it went back and forth between the two as many films did. But must've been drama (with comic relief).

Thought during the commercial break it said the title was something like Pretty Girls and Fancy Cars or something, but that might have just been the film that was to be on after it.

(Right before I went to post the above, the browser crashed, so I retyped it all.)