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Ginger Snaps

I nominated Ginger Snaps because I think people need to see more Canadian Horror Cinema. Ginger Snaps is pure fun and it balances comedy with horror perfectly. I'd be lying if I didn't say that Mimi Rogers was my favourite performance in the film, her overbearing and innocent mother is hilarious.

Their relationship is the core aspect of the film and if you can't get behind their outsiders us against the world vibe, than the movie might not work for you. It's not necessarily a gore fest, it takes its time with things. Much like the recent fan favourite It Follows, Ginger Snaps dives into the realm of STD's. Ginger infects a boy through unprotected sex and he begins to show signs of a sexually transmitted disease. While this does take a back seat to the more prominent aspect of puberty, I'm glad it's there as a side bar for further exploration within the world.

I thought the performances were really good for a horror film about WEREWOLVES. The sisters have only each other, despite their desperate mother trying her best to connect with them on a daily basis. The make-up effects used are subtle at first and gradually we see Ginger's deterioration until a really well done transformation is showcased in the back of a van. The use of practical effects help with the realism.

A female empowered movie, Ginger Snaps has bite and I'm glad people are enjoying it.
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With approximately 2.5 days left to vote the following write-ups are still missing (and obviously the votes from these people).
@Derek Vinyard - 8/9 (Hour of the Wolf)
@Nostromo87 - 7/9 (The Amityville Horror & Ginger Snaps)
@TheUsualSuspect - 8/9 (Deep Red)
@Pussy Galore - 5/8 (eXistenZ, Ginger Snaps & Pulse)

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Hour of the Wolf

While I appreciate the artistic merit of the film, I couldn't help but be bored by a lot of it. This is my first Bergman film and despite my disappointment with it, I'm sure I'll watch more from the filmmaker in the future.

Less of a horror film in the classic sense and more of a insight into the continuing deprived mind of madness. Some really nice shots in the film and the black and white adds to the ambiance. Ultimately, I feel like I need to give this another chance at another time. I might chalk this one up to maybe simply not being in the mood.

It was interesting see Max Von Sydow as a younger man, I've only ever seen the man as his current old self.

It was my mistake in nominating it for this particular HOF. I love Hour Of The Wolf but I think going into it expecting a horror propbably doesnt do it any favours.

Definitely make sure you watch more Bergman though TUS, try Wild Strawberries next.
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The Amityville Horror (1979)
Selection by Nostromo87 - Oh hey, that's me

Based on a book by the same title published in 1977 by author Jay Anson. George and Kathy Lutz find an ideal colonial-style beautiful home on the river's edge. While the house appears to be a bargain, it stood empty for a long while. For a spell on the forum here, a couple years back, I was fascinated with the film The Shining, also based on a 1977 book, by author Stephen King. The two stories have a lot in common, one featuring a haunted house, the other a haunted hotel, both harboring dark memories and wicked deeds performed inside that torment the families residing there. In this one it's George and Kathy Lutz, in the other it's Jack and Wendy Torrance and their child Danny. Both father figures are tempted into axe-murderers of their own family, only in this one George triumphs over the evil spirits and gets away with his family, while in The Shining Jack Torrance is devoured by the evil of The Overlook Hotel and left frozen in the morning snow of the hedgemaze. Similarly, both the Lutz's daughter Amy and Danny Torrance from The Shining interract with imaginary friends. For Amy it is "Jody," for Danny it is "Tony." Here's a scene between Margot Kidder (Kathy Lutz) and her little daughter Amy,

Mother (Kathy) - What does Jody look like, huh? Is Jody big, or thin, or fat?
Little Girl (Amy) - She's nice.
Mother - Mhmm.
Little Girl - She tells me things too.
Mother - Yea? Like what does she tell ya, huh?
Little Girl - She tells me about the little boy who used to live in my room. He got hurt. And he died.
Mother - And what else does Jody tell you?
Little Girl - She says she wants me to live here forever and ever, so we can all play together.

I actually like this better than The Shining, truthfully. It isn't as long, and I relate more to the lives of the Lutz family, and their home, compared to the more distant and detached hotel from the other story. Another good scene happens with George Lutz getting some advice from his friend to get away from the dark house - "Go home get cleaned up, take Kathy out to dinner. Carolyn and I will babysit the kids. Ya gotta get away from it, George. Even if it's for a couple of hours. And when you get back, we'll add it all up. We'll talk this thing through."
George - Okay.
Friend - Let's go home.

Rod Steiger also delivers a terrific performance as Father Delaney that compares with Donald Pleasance's Dr. Loomis from Halloween, another movie about a killer named Michael and his haunted Myers House. Stepping back from it all, The Amityville Horror doubles as not only a valuable horror movie, but also a purely enjoyable overall film with an engaging cast of talent with James Brolin, Margot Kidder, and Rod Steiger. It's a well-known film but that also did not get good reviews for some reason, 30% approval by Rotten Tomatoes critics, who I don't actually care about anyways. I put the film at #10 in my most recent overall favorite movies list. Also a wildly successful film at the box office when it was released, earning $86,400,000 on a budget of just $4,700,000, multiplying its production budget over 18x's. The movie feels like a classic, yet it is isn't often heralded as such along with the likes of The Exorcist and Psycho and The Shining and all those obvious horror movies. In conclusion, in spite of all the trauma terror and malicious vibes, I enjoy the positive ending of the Lutz family getting away, finally, in one piece.

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I'll watch the 2 remaining films tomorrow or on sunday!
I do not speak english perfectly so expect some mistakes here and there in my messages

Hour Of The Wolf (1968) - Ingmar Bergman

- As you guys probably know, I'm not the biggest Bergman fan. I enjoyed some of his films, particularly The Seventh Seal (I haven't seen it in a very long time) but in general his movies are boring to me, it's just not my style. And this one was no exception. I didn't really care for the couple, didn't get their psychological problems and was just plainly bored. I wouldn't consider this film horror at all, it wasn't scary it was just psychological problems in the life of the 2 main characters and as I say it's just plain boring to me... sorry to whoever nominate this I try man.
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It was my mistake in nominating it for this particular HOF. I love Hour Of The Wolf but I think going into it expecting a horror propbably doesnt do it any favours.
For me your movie did pretty well, even though Hour Of The Wolf isn't what I usually watch.

Ginger Snaps (2000)
TheUsualSuspect's Choice

All about these two wacked-out sisters Ginger and Brigitte and full of raging teenage hormones. Their enemy at school named Trina Sinclair constantly harasses them in physical education class and after school. At the same time, a series of dog killings happen in the town, and the elder sister Ginger gets bit. The two have a close sibling bond and they share some amusing one-liners. I saved this one to watch 'til last as I was excited for it and had been wanting to watch for a while now. There's plenty of humor packed with horror-fare FX and gory slaying. The sisters get stranger and stranger, really, but manage to kick all their enemies butts in the process. At first I felt the ending stagnated sort of, yet at the same time lingered with the afflicted lycanthropy-curse modern folk-tale about female empowerment- driving that thick and disturbed illness home to the viewer. Ginger goes through several transformations. In the early phases of it she looked pretty fierce, until her former appearance disappears completely. Happy I got around to watching this, funny movie but also increasingly strange and that works in its favor to a degree. Gnarly somewhat-under-the-radar werewolf flick. Also- List Sent. Done.

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Isn't it three or am I missing something?

Pussy Galore - 5/8 (eXistenZ, Ginger Snaps & Pulse)

I've seen ExistenZ a couple of times, it's my nomination so I'll review it without rewatching it.

I've seen Pulse, only Ginger Snaps remains, I'll review both of them tomorrow when I'll send my final results message!

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Deep Red

This movie deserves a better review than what I’ll be able to put down for it right now, because it was great!!!!

A solid mystery slasher flick. With gory deaths and a strong investigative narrative. I LOVED the soundtrack. Reminded me of The Guest. Every time it came on I perked up.

The DVD I watched it on had no subtitles available so I didn’t catch what they were saying in Italian.

This is my 4th Argento flick and it’s the best one so far.

I've seen ExistenZ a couple of times, it's my nomination so I'll review it without rewatching it.

I've seen Pulse, only Ginger Snaps remains, I'll review both of them tomorrow when I'll send my final results message!
So when exactly should I expect the last three reviews and your vote? I really wouldn't like to disqualify another entry from such a small HoF.

I just sent one final notification to @Pussy Galore and gave him 24 hours to submit the missing reviews and his vote. So one way or another I'll have the results then. I'll post the results within few hours of that deadline.

I'll send you the list in 2 hours (after I watch Ginger Snaps)

Pulse: It's really not my kind of film yet again. The concept is interesting, supernatural entities which invades the earth via the internet, the thing is that it wasn't very scary. It tried to be more then just a horror film, it had themes of suicide, depression, loneliness, lack of meaning to one's life, etc. Generally this would interest me, I love those more philosophical themes, but I thought it was quite shallow, it didn't made me question my life, or the nature of depression, it was just unpleasant. So the movie fails as a horror movie (not scary), as an philosophical movie (it didn't made me think) and as an entertainment (because it tries to be philosophical without success).

Existenz: I admit that it isn't really a horror film, but it qualifies because it says so on IMDB. This is by far my favorite Cronenberg among those I've seen from him. What makes me love it is the originality, I love video games and the idea of entering a video game is one that attracts me. Also, I like the fact that at one point they don't know how to differ between reality and the video game, which is always a reflexion which interests me. How can we really know we are not in a virtual reality? What gives us such certainty? I don't know and when I watch this film it reminds me of that reflexion which is pretty cool.

I have all the votes now. Still waiting for the one last review though. I'll reveal the results tomorrow around this time or little earlier (so in 22 to 24 hours). I'll need to double check the points but it seems there are couple of ties but only one winner. More of that tomorrow

Apologies for being several hours late from the time I gave yesterday. Decided to take a nap and, well, lets just say that they got extended and messed up my schedule So the results will be posted about now.

I'll start with the disqualified The Descent. First four votes still included it and at that time it would have been on a tied first place. Such a shame CiCi went MIA.