Young working girl, lying about age for a job ? 90's movie i forget.


I don't remember much, and certainly not the actors.
I saw the movie in the 90s. It was not very old then. It wasn't very well known.
It was about a young student, too young to work. She applied for the job by lying about her age. In a small company I think. She took a job with high functions. Assistant to the director, something like that. Ended up replacing the boss, during her vacation... and it ended in disaster.
I don't remember any actress. The boss reminded me of Signourney Weaver, but it's not her. And not Susan Sarandon either. In any case I can't find the film in their filmography. But I think she is brown and has curly hair. In the movie she must be 30.
There is a "running gag" in which the boss tells her to always answer "I'm working on it" when she asks her about a case.
I often confuse it with "Woking Girl"; the title makes me think of it. But it's not that at all.
I think that the girl's parents are also on vacation during this time. And I think it ends with a party that she loses control of. But that's pretty vague.

It's a comedy.

I really don't know anymore... it's been over 20 years... maybe 30.

May you help ?

I've done a bit of searching on IMDb but I haven't found a match yet.

Could this have been a TV movie maybe?.....or did you watch it in a cinema?

Just a wild guess. Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's dead.

Christina Applegate has to get a job.

OMG MovieChas ! It could be it !!

The visual of the characters, especially "Sue Ellen"... it speaks to me!
Even here name !
Christina Applegate...I was going to say I never saw her again...but yes, I did! Not long ago. In the show "Dead to me" ! (Well, I didn't recognize her!).
One of the brother’s face also looked a bit familiar.
With Joanna Cassidy as Lindsey... I was far from it !

And obviously… I had forgotten a big part of the movie! The main part

Hell, yes, that's it !

How did you do it, MovieChas? Are you a god, or what? That’s almost inpossible !

I nearly checked all the movies on that list below, over 1000 movies, year sorted, yesterday (same idee that scallywag ):

(I canot let a link, so, for information, it’s a imdb search with kebword “teenage girl” from 1975 to 1999)

But I probably wouldn't have recognized him. But it helped me to determine better the periode with movies a saw around the same time.

Damn, I'm hallucinating, for real! Tell me, how did you do it?
What made you think of this movie? Because after all, the main subject, I totally skipped it!

Scallywag : a saw the movie on located VHS.

It's crazy. You are crayzy, man !

A very big thank you to you!

And thanks to scallywag, and this site!

I just went with the underage girl getting a job hint. And this is the only movie I know that fits that hint.

Why I remember the movie is probably because CA was in it.
I had to look up CA on IMDB to find the movie name.

Cool. You turned my "shrug" into an animated icon thingie. Never saw that before.

I have the movie now

Thanks again for your help, MovieChas.