MoFo Fantasy Football 2014 - SIGNUPS


Okay, last call for signups coming soon guys. I wanna get into the draft time/settings thread sometime next week. I'm following-up with some of last year's owners I haven't heard from, and pretty soon we should have an idea of how many open slots we have. Last chance to throw your hats into the ring, if you haven't already.

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I am in, and already signed up. I can't do any worse than last season!
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

Dex can't make this this year, unfortunately. Fiscal can. Waiting to hear back from Sleezy.

So, if we go to 14 teams again (which I think we should), we'll probably have 3 open slots for 5 people. I'll try to figure all this out by early next week at the latest.

Oh, also, my other league (a pay league) looks like it's disbanding, so if anyone else has one that needs a dedicated owner, let me know.

Yahoo has a new draft program they developed, and it crashes my window constantly. When drafting hit the Classic Draft Tool button in the lobby and the old graphics format will be used.

Usually another browser will do the trick, too. The Flash plugin on your normal one is probably just wonky (in which case updating it would probably also work).

Yeah Im using Firefox, and even with Classic Mode that just aint happening. When I use Internet Explorer it works ok.

Oh, also, my other league (a pay league) looks like it's disbanding, so if anyone else has one that needs a dedicated owner, let me know.
Just to follow up on this, I've sent out a PM to a bunch of people seeing if anyone would be interested in a MoFo money league. If anyone else reading this who hasn't expressed interest yet is interested in that, fire a PM my way. We've talked about this for awhile but now might be a good time for it.

Anyhoo, we should be locking the teams by early next week. A couple people won't be able to return, which has opened up some spots, but it looks like we still do have (as we almost always do) more interested parties than slots. We should know for sure who makes the cut in a couple of days. If you don't make it, don't worry! Even if you're not interested in a money league alternative, TONGO runs an overflow league, and preference will be given next year for people who've been waiting.

Okay, just sent the last invites, and we're all full at 14.

Apologies to anyone who didn't make it--unfortunately this happens every year, and every year we have to balance things like forum activity level, history with the league, etc. That said, next year I'm going to start giving extra weight to people who've asked before, like an informal "Waiting List."

But have no fear, you have a couple of options. There's the overflow league TONGO runs each year, which is usually a mix of MoFo regulars and other people, and we only need a couple more people for a MoFo pay league, too. If you're interested in the former, send TONGO a PM--if you're interested in the latter, fire one my way for the details.

I'll be starting a draft thread shortly--we're looking at either Sunday, August 10th (if everyone wants to draft a little sooner), or Sunday, August 17th if everyone wants to draft a bit later. Thread up shortly for people to weigh in.


I am in. The throne is comfy.
Pfft. I should've mailed the trophy to Jamaal Charles, for all the managing you had to do last year.

(There's actually way too little trash talk in this annoyingly fun, respectful league. We gotta get something going. You idiot.)

Yeah, everyone has been really nice not to point out my pathetic showing in both baseball and football this year. Maybe next year I get my mojo back. No trash talking for me, that's for sure.

Might help if I watch more than the playoffs this year. Since I moved from New York that seems to be all I tune in for.

The fact that we don't trash talk you should worry you. It's kind of like how you'll make fun of a friend if they fall on their face, but not if their grandma dies. If the situation's too bad you don't even go there.