You're an 18 year old guy? Did you see Pulp Fiction because if you did and liked it you'll like True Romance. You liked Heathers so I assume you know Christian Slater. He did an amazing job in True Romance. If you haven't seen Tarantino movies I think you'll like them given that you liked Black Hawk Down and The Hurt Locker. Other really good war movies include Full Metal Jacket (very, very intense movie), Saving Private Ryan and Platoon.

Grandma's Boy, John Carter, Ender's Game… to name a few.

VFN, the movie (Moon) will get better in the middle.
I would give it another chance.

The thing isolated becomes incomprehensible
Pulp Fiction and all of Tarantino movies
All of Scorsese movies
The Big Lebowsky
Sin City
Natural Born Killers
True Romance

These are pretty easy to watch and really really good, in my opinion! Then you could move to more classic movies like Citizen Kane, Hitchcock's and Kubrick's filmography, 12 Angry Men...