Girl with a Dragon Tattoo Classical Music Song?


Hi guys,

Being trying to find this tune for ages. What is the piece of classical music that Mikael Blomkvist played by Daniel Craig listens to on his I-pod while he is alone in the cabin trying to solve the murders?

I don't think its Bolero

Cheers Team

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

nah mate, I think thats at the end when Craig is going to cop a good working over in the basement.

The tune Im after is in the middle of the movie and it fades in as he rests his head on the couch after looking at some photos.

Mark F, You're a legend, thats spot on. Someone else told me it was bolero, sounds nothing like it though.

Cheers mate

It's Elgar's Enigma Variations

"Nimrod" namely