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So i have a movie or noval idea what do i do about it.? i could write a very rough summary but i am no were near skilled enough to write a script or a noval.?

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You either write it or hire someone to write it, I guess. But usually the idea itself isn't the thing, unless it's mind-blowingly original.
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I would love to hear the idea if you're willing to share it.
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you should still make some notes about it.Write certain parts of your story(only elements at least),create characters or just mark anything what you looks right to you.You might later find more encouragement to make it a full story or you will see that your idea is going nowhere.Good luck.
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Personally, I wouldn't post up any of my ideas directly onto a public forum where any person using the internet, from anywhere on the planet, can read it.
If you find someone who is genuinely interested in helping out, I'd use a Private Message.

As Yoda said, you need to find yourself a professional writer if you suffer with writer's block. Sorry for the lack of help though mate. Hope you get it sorted out.

I concur with R. If you do post a novel idea make sure it's copy right protected first. Nice try T1, but from what I see, you shouldn't be running out of ideas.

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I would suggest writing down everything you can come up with, be it ideas, separate scenes, characters, interesting character names, and so on. Write it all down - you never know when they can become handy.

As for sharing the idea here - I wouldn't recommend it, even if it is already copyrighted.

If you cannot turn your idea into a full feature film, try a short movie, a strory (which you can write yourself), anything that can move your idea to becoming something bigger.

Good luck

^ Yeah, especially where you will have witnesses/documents for what you are working on, unlike the silly idea of trying to copyright an 'idea' for a film on your own.

Find someone to help you write it. I'd say that's the best approach. I write crap all the time, but most of it never goes anywhere. Don't be like me! Find someone who knows their stuff and can help you get it done.

Also, don't post it on the internet. Someone who can write will probably just steal it.

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No, I won't.
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Mental note: steal his idea.
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There are people who do steal ideas, but they don't do anything with them. The biggest hysteria out there is that people are too protective about their "idea". Well, to be honest, your idea is probably crap and not worth stealing.

If you're writing a script and want feedback, join a scriptwriting message board and post it. Other writers are more than willing to give feedback. They own't steal it. Don't bother submitting anything for coverage, it's too expensive. Unless you're on your 8th draft and have used up all your other options. Oh yeah, it helps if you have 200 plus to blow on it.

I have several scripts on the internets.
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What I did with my screenplay is I got the idea in my head, sat down and wrote the whole screenplay in one sitting. Yoda is right the idea itself unless it is mind blowing and original doesn't matter. It is the script. The dialogue for example. The beginning and the ending. Just write what comes to you and give it to someone you trust to read and respect and get their opinion. And if it is good enough send it to a production studio. That is what I did and now were going to be making my film.
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I would start by making an outline. Describe the beginning, middle, and end in a rough sketch. Pick some characters and the personality traits you want them to have. If you don't feel like you're a very skilled writer. Give the neatest, most organized outline you can to someone who is a skilled writer. And since you had the original idea, you can always change something to your liking
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i want to send a story to some director over internet,and see if he would use something for film,or make a whole movie out of my story,and pay me for that...i don't know is is that possible,but it would be good if it is...