MoFo Fantasy Football 2022 - Sign-Ups


Hey. It's almost time for us to pretend to draft people and then they all get hurt and somebody you never heard of wins you the league. Yay!


I've renewed the league and set a (tentative) draft date and time of August 28th, Sunday, at 5:00 PM ET.

It's unclear if we'll have 12 or 14 or whatever this season, and some owners have suggested they prefer some configurations enough that they'd play in one but not the other, so please let me know if you want to play ASAP so we can figure things out as quickly as possible.

When replying, please confirm whether you're availability for the above time. If you don't confirm your potential availability for the draft time, you are not confirmed to participate. Every single year people skim this post (even though it's bold, and in red) and fail to do this. If you do this, you're going right to the back of the line. At this point it's an issue of basic courtesy.

What even is this?

The members on this site play in a fantasy football league. This will be its fourteenth (!) year, and it's a pretty great league. We play with 12-14 teams, and even though there's no money on the line we have a very high retention rate. This league is almost exclusively populated by competitive, engaged owners. I buy the winner a trophy each year (with the caveat that they have to post a photo of themselves with it):

Can I play?

Maybe. As I said, we have high retention, and some years we only have a slot or two open. This is a Movie Forums league, so heavy preference is given to people who are active on the forums, and this applies even to returning owners. We also give some preference to returning owners, since that kind of continuity is cool, but we lean a little more towards the first criteria. So if you're a regular you stand a decent chance of nabbing a spot. And even if you're kinda in-between, hey, it doesn't hurt to throw your helmet in the ring, provided you can pass concussion protocol after.

How do I sign up?

Just reply in this thread and say you'd like to play, and you'll be considered based on all the stuff I mentioned above. You may or may not get in, but there's no shame in asking! And asking and not getting in one year will be considered the next year as a possible tiebreaker, too.

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John Dumbear

Not sure I fully grasp the concept of this "fantasy football." Is it a LARP in which we dress as wizards while playing two-hand touch in the backyard? Or do we wear helmets and shoulder pads to our next D&D gathering? Either way, count me in!

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I am in, and yes, I am available for the draft time listed just above the post with the red text in it. Me mentioning it again here is in no way meant to remind certain owners to make sure to reply properly. No sir. Not me!

Also: Quick reminder that Beantown says he will give up his slot to a more active MoFo if we have enough active guys to fill the league, but if we end up with a vacant slot, he we will play.
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I'm in and available for that time. Not that it matters. I'm seriously considering auto drafting this year. So many guys get hurt now I really have no clue what a good "strategy" even is at this point.
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I am in for a 12-team league, but if you have fourteen MoFos besides me who want to play I will bow out.
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I don't foresee any issues with the current draft time, but it's impossible for me to say this far in advance.

I also don't foresee running out of cans of Whup-Ass this season, as my shelves are well stocked after last year's COVID-related production delays at the Whup-Ass warehouse resulted in a low supply. Despite record-high inflation, I'll be distributing cans free of charge this season thanks to my overwhelming generosity. You're welcome.

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Just drafted 3 public leagues, including one where I picked first (!) and had an amazing draft.
Brady and Stafford as my QB
Taylor, Fournette, Montgomery and Mattison as my RB
M.Williams, M,Brown, Bateman, M. Thomas and Kirk as my WR
Kielce and Ertz for TE.
Folk for K
Saints D.

I’m loaded, but I’m also sure most of them didn’t know what they were doing, as outside of WR, which is deep anyways, I had my way with that draft.

This would never happen in our league.

I'd be interesting in participating. But being new, can the league rules, regulation and procedure be posted please.
Sure. Here's the league settings page (on the league site; feel free to look around). It's standard except INTs are -2 instead of -1, passing TDs are +6 instead of +4, and we do 0.5 PPR. That's about it.

We usually have 12 or 14 teams and playoff format varies a little depending on how many teams there are.

Standard snake draft, order randomly drawn, though personally I'm in favor of drawing for order choice (IE: top drawn can pick if they wanna go 1st, 5th, 11th, whatever).

Let me know if you have any specific questions beyond that.

The trick is not minding
So we’re up to 12 teams. Is there anyone missing? Dumbear will join for the first time, and Raul is rejoining, so who else is interested?

12 or 14 doesn’t matter too much for me, although I prefer 12, I also wouldn’t want to dissuade anyone from joining for that reason.

Edited: meant Dumbear, not Dumbest. My bad

Please remove my name Yoda. Just thinking that I am moving in 2-3 months will become very busy. I'll just lay back and watch how the league goes. Next year, for sure.

My apologies, if I inconvenienced anyone.

So we’re up to 12 teams. Is there anyone missing? Dumbest will join for the first time, and Raul is rejoining, so who else is interested?

12 or 14 doesn’t matter too much for me, although I prefer 12, I also wouldn’t want to dissuade anyone from joining for that reason.
I think if Adam comes back, we'll still have 12, so that seems like the most likely outcome. I'll try to nail this down in the next few days though.

Adam confirmed he's in, so with Spaulding that gives us 12.

Last chance for anyone else to join or back out. If anyone backs out, John is next on the list. If anyone else joins, well, same thing, since John gets us to 14.

I'll give it a day or so but I'm guessing we'll be at 12.