Yes, it's true: MoFo is 22


We've basically run out of amusing similies. Last year the site could drink, a few years ago it could vote, etc. Even the car rental thing isn't a thing any more, so it's basically just iterating up until retirement.

Anyway, as always, thank you everyone for keeping this site going. It's bananas that's chugging along at all, let alone well enough to support countdowns and movie games and great arguments and bad arguments and everything in-between.

Been a lot of changes over the last couple of years. It's been a transitionary period. But I think the dust is settling and I look forward to more countdowns, more reviews, and more features over the next few years.

Thank you all.

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Ha...I just made a joke about this in your anniversary thread...

22 years! Crazy!

Here's to 22 more...
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Man it only seems like eleven years ago that it was eleven years!

As always - thanks for building it and all you do to keep it smoothly chugging along
NomsPre-1930 Countdown

terrible, 0/5, not enough puppies.

This site seems pretty cool.
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You ready? You look ready
I rely on this place too much. Need a few more decades.
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Cheers to the best admin on any website that I have ever went on and glad to be on the best movie forum site on the internet. Hopefully this place stays up for many more years but of course there's that old saying "nothing lasts forever."
My 30 Favorite 80's Movies

My 30 Favorite 90's Movies

Very cool. Congrats Yoda! Best admin on the interwebs
To be fair, you've never seen me try.

Maybe now the forum will finally get a damn job and move out of its parents' basement.

Congrats, MoFo! As someone who has been jumping around multiple film forums since the late 90s, seeing a lot of them die, it's refreshing to find one that, in this day and age, still seems to be thriving. Thanks for welcoming us, nomads.
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Don’t jinx it!

Congrats and, as always, thanks for the site, without which I wouldn’t be entertained nearly as much without all the arguments…, discussions….yes, that’s what I meant.

Seriously, this site has introduced me to several people who have opened my eyes to even more films I hadn’t even heard of. And that’s what makes this site so worth it. The people are ok too, I guess. 😎

Thank You @Yoda and everyone for everything you do to make this site the best place on the 'net.

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