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Criterion sale


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I already made my first haul. The Shoah BR for $36 a copy of the just OOP Howards End, as well as Sansho the Bailiff and Monsieur Verdoux all BR. Going to hit up a different store after work tomorrow.

And now that I just got a job, I'll actually have money for this!
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Exterminate all rational thought.
I love these sales. 3 more today with a $5 off $50 coupon got them for $52.53

The Gold Rush
The Last Days of Disco

Will be getting more on Saturday and then another round on Tuesday when Lord of the Flies comes out on Blu.

My first Blu-ray order from the sale in America:

Where I shop online it's the cheapest I've found it brand new with postage costs added on. It's gone £1 over the customs limit but they are suppose to be customs friendly and my Three Colours Trilogy box set got through safe and sound last year from Barnes & Noble.

I'm happy with the buy.

I'm thinking of getting Z next but it's only available on DVD from Criterion, does anyone have any idea if this is going to get a Blu-ray release anytime soon?

I'm just going to go for Z but will order it tomorrow. But ordered a second one tonight but it's a DVD, not out in a Blu-ray edition yet. Missing:

Never seen it so looking forwards to it, looks fantastic.

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I also grabbed The Battle of Algiers today. With the $8 off coupon and my member discount I walked out with it for $15.54!

@rauldc14, I'm getting married in December, you've just got to find a future wife who wants a cheap wedding too, so you can buy more movies! (and I'm Scottish so I am one cheap SOB!)

Exterminate all rational thought.
Nice pick ups there. I got Medium Cool a few weeks ago, that is an interesting movie, especially how it was made, enjoy!

I picked up 3 this morning:

That same store has a copy of the OOP Leon Morin, Priest, which I will probably grab to resell after the sale.

Going to be near another B&N after we go see Pacific Rim this afternoon, so will be making one more buy today, not sure what yet.

Thanks for the heads up. My wallet does not thank you though.

I picked up In The Mood For Love, Wings Of Desire, and Monsieur Verdoux on blu-ray. There were a few others that I wanted, like Fear And Loathing, and Belle de Jour, but I wanted to take advantage of the sale as much as possible, so I got the more pricey on the top of my list. I need a lot more of these releases, on blu ray, I only have two others (Being John Malkovich, and Night Of The Hunter) and only two on DVD (Life Aquatic, and The Royal Tenenbaums.) I might get a few more when I get my next paycheck though.

Exterminate all rational thought.
All good choices! I personally would have gone for Fear and Loathing(one of my personal favs and one of my first Criterions!).

Nonetheless that is a good start to your collection. Night of the Hunter is classic, I really enjoy that one, and I am a huge Wes Anderson fan, so I have all those too!

Additionally, here is a link to the coupons I have been referring to throughout this thread:

You need to be B&N member to use them(That they do check, plus it's an extra 10% off), and "technically" these are for new members only and one time use only, but I have been using them for several sales and repeatedly with no issues. Just click on the spoilers tab in the thread and print them off!

Going in for 3 more tomorrow. Lord of the Flies on BR and two others I'm not sure of which yet though.

Ended up picking up Belle de Jour and Short Cuts. Paris, Texas was out of stock, which made my decision easier seeing as I wanted to limit myself to two