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Aphex's music thread


I would like to talk about music and the music that I enjoy. Feel free to start a conversation or make any suggestions of course. I listen to both Eastern and Western music. My taste is all over the place and so I was unsure of where to start. I've decided that I'm going to start with a Lebanese classic and a song that I listened to a lot as a child and still love very much as an adult.

Fairuz's Bint el Shalabiya

I also really like the Iranian version called Shaneh by Vigen. This is one that I recently discovered.

It's about damn time! I'll check these out later when I have time.

Thanks man.

They're very different from what I listen to these days but I love this song very much because it reminds me of my childhood mostly.

Ibrahim Maalouf is a Lebanese Jazz musician who comes from a family of artists and intellectuals. I was never interested in Jazz music until I listened to Maalouf.

I really enjoy this track called True Sorry. Although this is not the best version of this song I do love it very much because you can see Beirut in the background, a place that is very dear to my heart

This is a great collaboration with oud player Adnan Jubran, from another band that I love, Le Trio Joubran. They are three brothers who play classical oud music.

I have only gotten around to listening to the new Death Grips album yesterday and have listened to it three times since then. I'm really liking it. The album opens with such a great track that features guest vocals from Clementine Creevy from Cherry Glazerr. This is definitely their catchiest record since The Money Store in terms of vocals. My favourite tracks are Giving People Bad Ideas, Spikes, Eh and Bottomless Pit.

Favorite song on the album for me is Eh, but I like them all. Glad you do too.
Eh in slang Lebanese Arabic means yeah. It just sounds like he's saying yeah to me.

I tried to get a friend of mine to listen to them. I sent him a link to the song Guillotine. He said it scared him.