Whats your favorite Danny Boyle movie ?


Whats your favorite Danny Boyle movie ?
4 votes
Shallow Grave
16 votes
0 votes
A Life Less Oridinary
5 votes
The Beach
12 votes
28 Days Later
1 votes
4 votes
7 votes
Slumdog Millionaire
49 votes. You may not vote on this poll

Those two comments pretty much sum up the reaction to the film since it was released.

Since its release until around 2000, Iro's comments were the norm (or maybe even a little low key) but since then, people seem to have settled on UF's side of the fence. As I've not seen it, I have no opinion either way.

I couldn't even make it all the way through Slumdog Millionaire...
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GOD I LOVE DANNY BOYLE SO MUCH I just glanced at this smorgasbord of fantastic cinematic goodies and let the love roll over me I cant even vote, there are just too many equally amazing ones up there. Although 28 Days Later did have zombies which may give it the edge.... but Slumdog had the soundtrack...ok i dont even know...

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I voted 28 Days Later in the end, because it is just gorgeous and has zombies and Naomie Harris. Although now I feel bad for Sunshine, because that's pretty brilliant too.

I don't love Trainspotting. I remember wondering what all the fuss and hype was about when I saw it, and I hated the bit with the baby. But some scenes still stick in my mind, like the pub fight and the job interviews. And I've since read the book and loved it so I think I probably ought to give it another chance.

Slumdog Millionaire is vastly overrated silliness. The Beach is alright. A Life Less Ordinary I didn't like at all (and don't see any need to give it a second chance). Haven't seen Millions. I haven't seen Shallow Grave properly but did once go to a club where they were showing bits of it for no apparent reason. Might watch that too.

they're all good, but for me it goes something like this
1. sunshine
2. trainspotting
3. shallow grave
4. slumdog millionaire
5. 28 days later
6. millions
7. the beach

the only one i haven't seen is "a life less ordinary"

i really like a lot of Danny Boyle's films, but I'm torn between 28 Days Later and Slumdog Millionaire.

Danny Boyle's one of my favorite directors. Loved what he did with Ewan McGregor in the mid 90s.
My favorite is by far Trainspotting, followed by Shallow Grave.

I went with 28 Days Later. interesting director even though I don't love all of his films i'm always interested in were he takes me.

I like all of 'em except I don't much care for On The Beach. Voted for 28 Days Later cos I love the Godspeed soundtrack. The infected were well done too.