Hi there,

I'm a new here so I guess I'll start with an introduction to break the ice. It may seems strange but even social interactions on internet can create anxiety. I've been looking to join a forum about movies for a few days and I chose this one, because, I don't know, it seemed friendly and not as exclusive as some others can be. I'm a French Canadian so I may make some mistakes when I write, but I hope I still can be understood by you guys, All the french forums seemed to, I would say in french, ''péter plus haut que le trou' (something like fart above their hole) and I couldn't feel comfortable there.

I decided to join a forum because I remembered that I used to do that when I was a kid. I wrote about fantasy stuff, fairies and elfic things but still I enjoyed it. My interests have changed since that time, so have the forums. As I'm facing some solitaries issues in my life and movies are one of the things that keep me going on, I just wanted to share this passion with other humans beings.

So, I'm looking forwards to meet others persons even if it's just behind my computer and I hope we can argue with respect and humour about some movies real soon!

Also, I'm using a lot '' '' , I think it's a very good plateform for movies lovers, I'm never in need of ideas of movies I could see, they really have great lists by genre, by nationality, etc. If you use this web site too, or would like to try it, you can add my as your friend. My account is KloVero.

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Welcome to the site, Nimiti. Just jump in and start posting. You'll be fine. Don't worry about your English, either, it looks fine to me.
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Nimiti hi!

Your English is excellent. I'm always happy to discuss movies or anything else. So when you see Orson say howdy and make a post. I usually always reply back.

It might help us to get to know you by saying what general types of movies you like? And BTW there's many different movie taste here. So it's all good.

Welcome to the forum!

Also, don't worry about your English. From what I see here it's much better than a lot of what I've read from some native English speakers I've seen posting around the web.

Hi Nimiti, welcome to the forum.
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Hey Hi buddy ! I'm french canadian too.

ps: J'ai de la misère aussi donc tu n'est pas le seul

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Thanks for the replies !

R.P. McMurphy ; I must confess I never saw this masterpiece, and I'm not a fan of Tom Cruise but I'm open minded, if you say I have to see it, I will.

Citizen Rules ; I love psychological movie, and if they have a little strange or trash side, that's even better. I want to be surprise by a movie, I want to feel emotions, to laugh, to cry or to be angry, it doesn't matters but to get involved in it. If I had to chose one director it would be David Cronenberg. I think Dead Ringer is one of the best film ever made. If you haven't seen it, I suggest that you do without reading on it too much. It's the story of two twin brothers and I challenge you to guess if it's one actor or two twins actors, by looking at their play, at the technical aspect, etc. It's very well done. Of course, you have to love at least a little bit Cronenberg style. It's a odd and disturbing movie. If I had to say one actor, I would say Al Pacino, best actor in my opinion of his generation. I'd totally marry that man.

PS ; Is there a way to quote the name of a person so he knows you're talking to him ?

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PS ; Is there a way to quote the name of a person so he knows you're talking to him ?
If you look at the top right of a post, there is a small quote bubble you can click which will quote the person. If you want to quote multiple people, click the dropdown next to it and click multi-quote, until you reach the final person you want to quote, with whom you click the quote bubble.