The MoFo Top 100 of the 80s: Countdown

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I used to love all 3 of the original Star Wars films; it's been years since I've seen any of them, but I'm sure I would still enjoy them. The Empire Strikes Back did not make my list.

Going into this list, I thought one of my picks was a definite for the top 4, and that Die Hard had an outside shot of making it. I never thought there was anyway that I'd have 3 of my picks in the top 4, and one of them wouldn't be Die Hard. The strange thing is that I don't really care. My big hope was that my top 2 would make it(American Werewolf/Blues Brothers), and they did, and that a few others would be sprinkled about. There wasn't a movie from my list that I was hoping would win the countdown, because the only one I thought had a chance, was my #12. Now in the 90's, I was rooting for my #1 pick, which was Goodfellas. While the 80's has a huge quantity of films that I love, it doesn't have a Goodfellas. So while I'm enjoying the list everyday, the real excitement of it, for me, has passed. So while I will unexpectedly have 3 of the top 4, I am as stunned as anyone the way this has turned out.

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I did rewatch Blade Runner. It's still fantastic.

What really struck me this time was Roy saying, "Not very sporting to fire on an unarmed opponent. I thought you were supposed to be good. Aren't you the "good" man?" Because it really is an interesting question. Is Deckard the good guy? He shoots unarmed women in the back, after all. This could so easily have been made from the point of view of the replicants, trying desperately to find their maker and get their lives extended.

I haven't seen Blade Runner, yet, Rodent.
I think you might like it, SC. There are mannequins in it.

I didn't get a list made and submitted in time. I'm just here to spout my opinions on how everyone who did got it wrong.
What would your list have been? Come up with one now. On the spot!

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Ohh, soo glad that Empire is not #1. 19th on my list, but no Star Wars movie, not even the original deserves to be #1 on any list. Good movies? Yes. Great movies? perhaps. The best of a decade? Certainly not. Poor acting and weak dialogue doom these movies to also-rans. I really hope The Shining takes the top spot, but I think it will be Raiders.
I disagree with your analysis since I just do AND I don't think The Shining has any better acting and dialogue, no matter how the list turns out.
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Well, people not born in the 1980's or before don't understand true pure 1980's movies like The Terminator. Since I am 1989, I do!
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You did rate it
once though.
Guapo's history of Raging Bull ratings

55. Raging Bull (1980) - Martin Scorsese (USA) 64/100
Raging Bull-

from Thomas Ps top 50, closed now
Those are the ones the search function gave to me atleast
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

Guapo's history of Raging Bull ratings

Those are the ones the search function gave to me atleast


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Interesting, the new one is my fully honest rating though. The high ratings from the past reflected my lack of confidence on my tastes.

Overall, I would say that I disliked Ranging Bull because I did not identify with De Niro's character. He was just whining all the time and acted in a way that I found rather pathetic, I wished to say: "man up, whining bitch." Overall, when the movie ended I felt disappointed. So I wouldn't say that I really liked that movie. May try to watch it again in the future, though, since it has been about 6 years since I watched it.

Just think. Without The Brave Little Toaster, Toy Story would never have happened. Pixar would not have been the same. Lassiter may not have ended up at Pixar. The Brave Little Toaster is one of the most influential animations of all time.
More and more reasons to hate a film I've never seen or wanted to.

i would be very happy if raiders showed up next, which is even more overrated than star wars.
Quoted for truth.

I prefer The Shining, Back to the Future and The Terminator over Raiders. All 4 are in my top 200 though.
A four horse race and not one I care about. I like The Terminator and Back To The Future, but I don't love either of them. While I don't even like either of the other two. I don't suppose there's an outside bet we've all forgotten, is there?

2. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
1. Cannibal Holocaust
I don't care for Cannibal Holocaust, but I'd rather it won than Raiders or The Shining. While it'd be a more interesting winner than either of the other two.

Well, Empire is the last film from my list that'll make it, unless a lot of you have far better taste than I give you credit for... Which you don't. I had it at #20 on my list and it's also on my 100. I love this film and I can remember going to see it at the cinema when I was very young. I saw it before I'd seen Star Wars, so the 'great twist' never did anything for me. I just accepted it and moved on. I didn't even think of it as a twist until the 90's and was quite surprised to find out it was this big reveal to everyone else. Still, I'd never heard of the Princess Leia in the Gold Bikini phenomenon until that episode of Friends, and it certainly never did anything for me, so maybe that's not such a big thing. It obviously all passed me by.

I've also never cared about Yoda (not ours, of course) and, if anything, he always annoyed me a little. So, I love this film almost completely for aesthetic reasons. I love the light and the colours, I love the look and the feel of the thing. I don't care about Han and Leia, I don't care about C-3PO or Luke throwing a strop or anything else. It just looks and feels great. That's love.

Now, as others have already done so and as my list is, effectively, over. Here's the 25 I sent in. I should add that Flesh + Blood was a mistake. While I did consider it for the list, I meant to nominate First Blood. and, looking back, I probably should've had They Live, (BTW, didn't They Live used to have an exclamation mark at the end?) though I do love Billionaire's Boys Club and that one point meant that it was on the "One Point Only" list so, in a way, 13 of my list should've made it and 14 did... If you include the One Point list. Also, you can see why my top pick never had a chance of making it, but I knew that going in.

Lastly, it's a shame that When Harry Met Sally, Top Gun, The Killer and The Hitcher didn't make the list. I really thought they would, hence my guess of 16 for my list.

For Your Height Only
This Is Spinal Tap
The Long Good Friday
Near Dark
The Hitcher
Top Gun
Die Hard
Flesh + Blood
Bull Durham
Drugstore Cowboy
A Nightmare On Elm Street
Das Boot
When Harry Met Sally
The Killer
An American Werewolf In London
The Breakfast Club
Jean Du Florette
The Empire Strikes Back
The Thing
Dangerous Liaisons
Billionaire's Boys Club
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I also voted for The Hitcher HK, and thought it would make it. I would've voted for The Long Good Friday if I saw it beforehand.

I wasn't expecting The Long Good Friday to make the list, but I think it's more than good enough to deserve it. I suppose it's possible it could snuck on had a few more people placed it highly.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Super Bowl 55 Champs!
I wasn't expecting The Long Good Friday to make the list, but I think it's more than good enough to deserve it. I suppose it's possible it could snuck on had a few more people placed it highly.
It's definitely good enough, maybe hasn't been seen enough, or has been forgotten by some.

Just did my ratings:

100. Hannah And Her Sisters – N/A
99. Stop Making Sense – N/A
98. Modern Romance – N/A
97. Rocky IV –

96. Near Dark –

95. Stranger Than Paradise –

94. A Visitor To A Museum – N/A
93. The Untouchables –

92. Blood Simple – N/A
91. The Outsiders – N/A
90. A Christmas Story –

89. The Decalogue –

88. Nausicaδ Of The Valley Of The Wind –

87. Beetlejuice –

86. Shoah –
(My List)
85. Heathers – N/A
84. Back To The Future Part II –

83. Three Crowns Of The Sailor – N/A
82. The Time To Live And The Time To Die – N/A
81. Diner – N/A
80. Christmas Vacation –

79. The Vanishing –

78. Manhunter –

77. The Goonies –

76. Wings Of Desire –

75. Dead Poets Society –

74. A City Of Sadness – N/A
73. Repo Man –

72. Lethal Weapon –

71. Planes, Trains & Automobiles –

70. Glory – N/A
69. Star Trek Ii: The Wrath Of Khan – N/A
68. Castle In The Sky – N/A
67. Au Revoir Les Enfants – N/A
66. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior –

65. Blow Out –

64. Crimes And Misdemeanours –

63. The Sacrifice –
(My List)
62. Tootsie – N/A
61. The Lost Boys – N/A
60. Akira – N/A
59. Jean De Florette – N/A
58. Evil Dead II –

57. Cinema Paradiso –

56. The Karate Kid –

55. Stand By Me –
(My List)
54. The Fly –

53. The Purple Rose Of Cairo – N/A
52. Batman –

51. Poltergeist –

50. The Blues Brothers –

49. The Evil Dead –

48. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover – N/A
47. Das Boot – N/A
46. Gremlins –

45. My Neighbour Totoro –

44. Robocop – N/A
43. Airplane! – N/A
42. A Nightmare On Elm Street –

41. First Blood – N/A
40. Raising Arizona –

39. Paris, Texas –
(My List)
38. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade –

37. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial –

36. Predator –

35. After Hours –

34. Grave Of The Fireflies – N/A
33. This Is Spinal Tap – N/A
32. Come And See –
(My List)
31. Who Framed Roger Rabbit –
(My List)
30. Platoon –

29. The King Of Comedy –
(My List)
28. An American Werewolf In London – N/A
27. The Princess Bride – N/A
26. Rain Man –

25. Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom –

24. Amadeus – N/A
23. Ferris Bueller's Day Off – N/A
22. Fanny And Alexander – N/A
21. Brazil –

20. Ghostbusters –

19. The Elephant Man –
(My List)
18. Star Wars: Episode VI – Return Of The Jedi –

17. Ran – N/A
16. Once Upon A Time In America –
(My List)
15. Do The Right Thing –
(My List)
14. Scarface –

13. The Breakfast Club –

12. The Thing –

11. Aliens –

10. Full Metal Jacket –

9. Blue Velvet –
(My List)
8. Die Hard –

7. Raging Bull –
(My List)
6. Blade Runner –
(My List)

Each person has his own taste. I will never understand why you didn't like Aliens and why Cobbyth didn't like The Terminator.
I don't dislike The Terminator. It has some good action and some memorable quotes and scenes. I just think it's an extremely flawed, not well thought out film and I don't see how it could EVER be considered top 10, LET ALONE top 5 material for a great decade like the '80s that had a whole bunch of MUCH better films (like Raging Bull for instance ).

I still wouldn't rate it
as I also know it has some very strong aspects to it, despite its many errors.
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