Money Heist (Netflix)


A friend strongly suggested I binge this series made in Spain, and I just noticed it's gotten worldwide popularity. 2 questions-
1. Has anyone here watched it, and does it meet the MoFo standard?
2. To Dub or subtitle? I've always chosen subtitle because dubbing mostly wrecks an actors performance, but my friend said it was good dubbed. I'd trust someone's opinion on here more though.

I've heard good things but haven't tried it yet (so much to watch!). So I'm definitely interested in these answers, too.

Good dubbing is definitely a thing, if rare, so that's a good question.

Watched the Netfilx first episode of its 2nd season. This production seems almost amateurish. The acting is sub-par, along with the dialogue (especially "Tokyo"). Everyone seems to be posturing. "Okay, it's my turn to do my dialogue. Watch this..." It's the spaghetti western of heist films.

The episodes are dragged out IMO. Perhaps it gets better later, but otherwise it'll be like the reverse of the old saying about a book: "Once you put it down, you can't pick it up."..