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Movies that you watch over and over again...


Finished here. It's been fun.

MULHOLLAND DRIVE. used to watch it every day after school for about 3 months. i've seen it at least 300+ times, and that's not even being generous.

I love MD to death. I could watch that again and again as well.

Full Metal Jacket. Perfectly constructed and executed. Never ceases to fascinate. As a kid I was obsessed with Police Academy.

Star Wars has been mentioned multiple times, but here I am mentioning them again. What hasn't been mentioned is The Matrix. I couldn't watch it THAT frequently, but I've definitely seen the film many, many times.

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Money Train. Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. The fights and action sequences. No SFX. Jennifer Lopez looking Bronx latina late 90's hot (a real mami back in the days, not ever been in Bronx, though).

The three villians once a pyromaniac, the loan shark giving **** to the main characters of the movie and the other the train obsesive-compulser money train owner who doesn't give a damn about who dies as long he's train gets on time with all the money.

Pure 90's cliché, you're gonna enjoy it. If the movie gets dull you can just go to the action sequences. No need to check for a complicate plot, don't need to analyze, don't need to think.


You kind of feel bad for Woody Harrelson character, though. He is always having gambling troubles and ****ing all up. And you want to be Wesley Snipes in that movie. Real slick, smooth with the ladies, *****MAYOR SPOILER***** He gets JLO character ( twice , nah just bullshin' just once ).


Both of them rob the money train successfully and don't get caught.

Finished here. It's been fun.
I found myself rewatching Jurassic Park pretty much every day when I was a child. It's one of those insanely rewatchable films that has pure movie magic if that makes sense. The same is applied to the original Star Wars saga.

I found myself rewatching Jurassic Park pretty much every day when I was a child. It's one of those insanely rewatchable films that has pure movie magic if that makes sense. The same is applied to the original Star Wars saga.
That movie for me is Home Alone. My parents even hid that movie from me in attempts to get me to go outside and play

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Sleepy Hollow,Pirates of the Caribbean,Dark Knight,Doctor Who:The Day of the Doctor,Pulp Fiction,12 Monkeys,Kill Bill,Source Code... Some of them you need to watch few times ,because it is easy to miss some things,and some of them i watch only because they are fun and i love them! I think all movies in this list are good,some of them epic some of them just good

I can't resist Inception - must watch it each time I stumble upon it when zapping through the movie channels. It is always followed by googling it and reading some online analyses.

Completely different but also irresistible: Anchorman...

To many to list

Some people have named a few I love
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A tell tale sign for me is when they are on tv and you are flipping through and happen to land on it. And you get caught watching it. Everytime. These movies do it to me. Then on top of that i'll pop it in on my own or for friends who haven't seen them.

O Brother Where Art Thou
Forrest Gump
Any Bourne Movie (Minus Legacy POS)
Old School
Silver Linings (Not on TV yet but when it first came out I watched it like 30 times)
As Good As It Gets
Up In The Air
Out of Sight
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101 Favorite Movies (2019)

There is certainly the Matrix trilogy. But i also like War of the Worlds ( ) although the only reasonable explanation is that i really like the book...

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Lately I've been watching Drive and The Killer a lot. Those two are endlessly rewatchable for me.
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^Funnily enough I can't stop watching Only God Forgives, the singing cop is one of my fav characters of the year.

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2001 - A space odyssey. I always have a different vision about it every time I watch it. Kubrick is awesome!

Hi, I'm anako875. I'm a Japanese student. I like "Girl, Interrupted", "Juno", "Good Will Hunting".

Godfather I, II & III

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Also, just noticed multiple people in this thread have SILENCIO as their tag...

Mulholland Drive ftw....
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