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After Hours coming last is a travesty.

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To be fair, you have to have a fairly high IQ to understand

Since they were disqualified after I sent my list, I'll just mention now that I had Farewell My Concubine ranked 6th, and The Man From Earth in the 9th spot. I was certain Man from Earth would end up being last on my list when I saw that it was nominated, but it managed to squeak ahead one spot.

After Hours coming last is a travesty.
I would have had it higher in any other HoF but every film here was great or better.

Letter from an Unknown Woman was ranked 4th four times, and finished at #4. That's quite amusing haha.

Edit: Just noticed that it also had 40 points. That makes four 4s!

Top 3 guess:

3. Ed Wood
2. Anatomy of a Murder
1. Raise the Red Lantern