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The thing isolated becomes incomprehensible
Letter from an Unknown Woman

This is one of my favourite romances.
The circle narrative works wonderfully, Joan Fontaine is awesome and the directing is superb from every point of view! I love the way Vienna is portrayed in 1900 and the figure of the pianist that throws away a promising career just because he loved women a bit too much - that is probably the most realistic reality of this time in the musical background of Vienna. The difference between different social classes is also really well portrayed!
The soundtrack is glorious, filled with constant references to operatic repertoire which speaks directly to my heart.
I recommended this to my sister last week and she was in love with the film!


Memento (2000)

I liked Memento and the unique focus on memory was something that I found to be really impressive. In all honesty, it connected with me more the first time I seen it. The novelty of it is lost a bit on rewatch but I still get a kick out of how Christopher Nolan weaves the string of reveals into this narrative. I've disliked every film he's released this decade and I do wish he'd go back to this kind of filmmaking.

The way Memento unfolds hammers home the idea that memory distorts your surroundings and tiny actions can have so many varying consequences. Especially in impressions of a person's character. It places you right in Lenny's shoes as it were. I've seen complaints that it's gimmicky but personally I don't see Memento that way. It's a clever use of confusion that runs concurrently with Lenny's particular condition. I like the Sammy Jankis scenes a lot due to how effective they are in grounding Lenny within this situation. They develop Lenny's character and the way they play into the finale is excellent.

The Man from Earth

A tough one to see get nominated again. Absolutely didn't like it at all the first go around. So much I'd say it was a bottom 10 film for me ever. This time it wasn't much better, but I did seem to think the premise of the film was at least intriguing. Still, the execution of a solid movie really just wasn't there. Much of the acting I thought was rather poor, almost gave off a Hallmark movie type of vibe for me. I also didn't think the dialogue was interesting enough since that is what the film was basically dependent upon being a one location type of movie. We will just chalk it up as not my type of film.


I think this one weakened a but for me on a second watch. I am not a huge fan of the structure of the film, although I would say it was a pretty bold idea. The performances are ok but not necessarily memorable. Maybe the film could have been better with some different people involved I think Nolan is a very talented filmmaker, in all honesty he's pretty high on my list, but he does need to work on some of his dialogue scenes. Although this film isn't bad with it, there are some scenes that kind of lost me. The coolest part for me actually was the black and white scenes that went in chronological order of what actually happened. A cool contrast to the rest of the film. In the end maybe this is my second least favorite Nolan. I'd have to see Dunkirk again to confirm that though but Following is definitely at the bottom. I don't mean to sound so negative, the film really isn't bad it's just that it's usually regarded as one of the better films of the 2000's and that I just do not see.


Raise the Red Lantern (1991)

It's an entrapped feeling for these women as they are controlled by the almost faceless master. Little of him is actually shown but his presence is always felt as these women compete, manipulating each other along the way for his approval. Unknowingly at times in their subconscious. It's like psychological torture and watching the carnage come through competition for the power that is represented through the lanterns. The colour red symbolises it through the lanterns adorning the chosen ones and absent from those that rebel. Suppose the film focuses on a misanthropic view of how people act through notions of distrust but this situation inevitably brings about conflict. And the characters are developed in a way to make it natural that competition would be the driving factor.

Such eeriness to the residence, right from the routine meetings for food to how the servants and wives interact, to its look at the harshness of Chinese social structure at the time. The character of Songlian played impeccably by Gong Li is so well developed and her character's trajectory is powerful. The film as a whole develops the motivations of these characters very well. Chinese period pieces tend to have good costume design but Raise the Red Lantern stands out in that regard. The costume design adds to the fantastic use of colour that makes this film truly a wonder to behold.

If I were to make a list of the best films of the 90s, Raise the Red Lantern would be in my top 10. It is stunning.

Still need links with Subs for Pierrot Le Fou and Le Trou, if anyone can help me.
I have links for both with English subs, I'll PM you and I want a PM back letting me know if it works or not.

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I have links for both with English subs, I'll PM you and I want a PM back letting me know if it works or not.
send me one for Pierrot Le Fou, please -- and THANKS!!
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I sent out a PM to Jabs.

Let's set a tentative deadline date for Feb 1st if that will work for everyone. Not too many people have much left.

The world doesn't owe you a damn thing
I sent out a PM to Jabs.

Let's set a tentative deadline date for Feb 1st if that will work for everyone. Not too many people have much left.
That works for me, thanks Raul

Le Trou

Glad this one was nominated again as I eventually wanted to get to it again. I think I feel fairly similar to how I felt the first time. I really like the premise of the story, obviously based on a true story although I'm not sure if that is loosely or if this is pretty much how it all went down. I wish there was a little more character development, maybe to make the viewer actually care more on if the inmates got out or not. Of course, again, this is just how the story went so I understand. I did grow to like the ending more though this time around, a really tense conclusion. My biggest beef was that some of the picking rock scenes went on too long and had me lose interest for a bit. Overall it's a good film that I have something holding me back from elevating it to the next level.


Weird is relative.
February 1st? Alrighty. I'll watch Ed Wood around the end of January then.

The world doesn't owe you a damn thing

After Hours

This was a film I had wanted to see for quite some time and never got around to. It had all the aspects and a number of actors I enjoy and a director I admire. When I did see this about a year or so ago, I was VERY surprised that I could not, would not, enjoy this film and the spiraling misfortunes of our leading word processor that just wanted to go out and meet the woman he met at the diner earlier that night.
It was a frustrating and aggravating thing as each episode of neurotic encounter frayed his calm til he couldn't take it anymore. And neither could I on my first watch.

This time around?

Not so frustrating. I knew the spiral and the increasing pitfalls and was able to appreciate the neurosis of the denizens this time around. Not love them, but appreciate them. I even caught Scorsese's cameo, moving the spotlight at the punk dance club. Which I missed the first time. Aggravation can be a blinding thing.

This is definitely a film that would, in time, and after multiple viewings, have a strong possibility of growing on me. Which is quite the relief to me since, as I stated, it was a movie I TRULY SHOULD HAVE liked and was utterly frustrated when I didn't on my first watch.
Thanks @rauldc14 for giving me cause to take another step down that path. Much appreciated.

Just watched Anatomy of a Murder. I should be finished later this week.