Guitar track from a movie


Okay so I really doubt this will yield results because I am not good at trying to explain a piece of music.

But there was like this gorgeous riffy guitar track, kinda melancholic that was on a film and for a while I listened to it on YouTube but now have no idea what it was and a few times I’ve tried to find it..

I thought it was on the film “The Promise” 2016 or “The Water Diviner” 2014 but is not showing anything.

So think Turkey and that region of the world ..

Again, I think this is pretty hopeless but worth a try as I really did love it 😕

if anybody can help you’ve got a friend for life.

Edit - I’m actually thinking it wasn’t a guitar but a banjo or similar instrument.

That’s all I have.

Type in "FitGirl Rivers Extended Remix" or "RiveR - Solo" in youtube. I recently heard this and liked it. Sounds similar to your description. May be the right one.