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"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

And here I was thinking it wasn't possible for Pink Flamingos to be any more disgusting.
Iroquois- he's the worst, propped up by idiots

I see movie buffs...
It's all a big conspiracy orchestrated by John Waters!

And shes also a he. So, maybe it really is Trump
You should put a bunch of yams in your bag, and a piece of metal. So the next time you go through a metal detector they search your bag and just find it full of yams.

Don't explain it, either. ~ Yoda

If we're talking John Waters movies then I'd be more inclined to compare him to Edie Massey's character in Desperate Living.

"The Internal Bleeding Dance." - Violet
Trump's new Terminator!
Hey Citizen, I thought of you when Stein announced the recount efforts. What do you think of her initiative?
"I may be rancid butter, but I'm on your side of the bread."
E. K. Hornbeck

"The Internal Bleeding Dance." - Violet
Holy crap, who has time for all this scrutiny? I see a practical guy on the go.

Donald Trump Uses Scotch Tape to Hold His Tie Together

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? That's from People Magazine which is pretty much specifically about pointless/superficial famous people things like that. You could find plenty of examples of them publishing crappy similar things about Obama, Hilary, whoever.

"The Internal Bleeding Dance." - Violet
People Magazine just had the photo I liked. I thought most mainstream media was in on reporting the tie and tape. Hillary and Obama are old news. Stein is desperately scratching away to the bone, just to get her 15 minutes of fame.

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I don't think Stein is, at least I hope not. If the USA are going to have a major third party, then the likes of Johnson and Stein can't disappear for 4 years until the next election. They need to keep on developing their support and consolidating it. It can't be that difficult if someone as utterly clueless as Johnson still managed to get millions of votes

People talk about how Donald Trump loves to eat McDonald's food.

I just figured out why.

Hillary's eating the seat! I guess she needs some fiber in her diet

People talk about how Donald Trump loves to eat McDonald's food.

I just figured out why.

It's hard not to see a lot of Trump parallels in The Founder.

"The Internal Bleeding Dance." - Violet
It's really not something one should take personally, or be surprised at. All these recent anti-establishment wins truly seem to be more of a global movement, as opposed to isolated incidents that shouldn't have happened. They are happening and they are unexpectedly defying logic in various world territories. At some point, we should probably start expecting them, because I have a feeling these wins will continue.

This is what Italians are actually voting on in Sunday's crucial referendum

If Renzi's "Yes" campaign loses, (IT LOST) he is expected to resign, leading to a new government. A "No" vote will also likely give the populist Five Star Movement a substantial boost, and signal a further victory for a global populist political insurgency that has already helped cause Brexit and the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency.

Italy referendum: PM Matteo Renzi resigns after clear referendum defeat

Mr Renzi said the reforms he proposed would have cut Italy's bureaucracy and made the country more competitive.

But the referendum was widely seen as a chance to register discontent with the prime minister.

The No vote was supported by populist parties, and the referendum was regarded as a barometer of anti-establishment sentiment in Europe.

Italy referendum: Matteo Renzi to resign after defeat

It will also be seen, much like Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, as a victory of populist forces over an establishment party, although the reality is more complicated.

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People talk about how Donald Trump loves to eat McDonald's food.

I just figured out why.

Is this supposed to be like that ad we all watched the other day? Hilary really wanted that big mac and none of us paid enough attention to realize?

"The Internal Bleeding Dance." - Violet
I knew Canada wasn't all bad.

"While the reactions to the U.S. election are predictably negative, they aren't quite as black as we might have expected,"

When asked "overall, what impact do you believe Donald Trump's presidency will have on you and your family," 41 per cent of Albertans responded "positive," compared with just 20 per cent nationally.

In Alberta, Trump received 47.8 per cent approval.

Results for our midwest were not presented.