MoFo Movie Weekends - Discussion and Calendar


Been thinking about this for a few days, and seeing as we're about to end the LOTR Weekend in a few hours...

I've been checking time zones and thinking about how DVDs and Blu-Rays differing from each other.
It'll be better to start a general thread on the idea of Movie Weekends so we can all discuss how future weekends will happen, and most importantly if they're going to happen.
What movies will we use?
Full on weekend made up of a whole Franchise?
Maybe a "Classics Weekend" with 3 different movies like, say, Jaws on Friday, Body Snatchers on Saturday and then The Thing on Sunday? (just as an example)

A big Con in the Pros and Cons, will come down to time zones and what edition of the movie is going to be used.
LOTR has brought up a few questions on the weekends in that we're using the Extended Cut. Not everyone has that version, and also, not everyone who has the Extended Cut has the cinematic cuts as well.

Time Zones are a bit tricky as well. Like with the Star Wars Weekend, the LOTR Weekend started at 7pm British Time... which meant Friday was tough for some MoFos in the USA as they are from 5-8 hours behind, so they were at work for the first half of the Friday movie.
MoFos at the other end of the spectrum in Australia are 8-10 hours ahead of the UK, so would also be tricky on that end as they're in bed at that time.


Will definitely need Yods' input on this too as he has to open the Chat so us lot can use it and, like with the regular boards might need a Mod to keep an eye on things.
We're all pretty good though and know what we're doing


So, thoughts?
Ideas on what movies? Times? Dates even?
Stick it all in here and discuss!

Previous Weekends:
The Movie Forums Star Wars Weekend - Friday 27th November to Sunday 29th November 2015 - The first ever MoFo Movie Weekend
The MoFo LOTR Weekend - Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October 2016

The MoFo Halloween Chat Extravaganza - Saturday 29th October to Sunday 31st October
Predator 30th Anniversary - Saturday 10th June 2017
RoboCop 30th Anniversary - Saturday 15th July 2017

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This post will be updated whenever a Scheduled Weekend is approaching...
Schedules/Calendar is in the next post below...

MoFo Movie Weekends Calendar

December 2017
Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd
The 2nd Movie Forums Star Wars Weekend

To celebrate the December release of Star Wars Episode VIII

Friday, 1st December, 2017:
The Phantom Menace: 7pm - 9:16pm British Time
Attack Of The Clones: 9:30pm - 11:52pm British Time

Saturday, 2nd December, 2017:
Revenge Of The Sith: 5pm - 7:20pm British Time

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: 7:40pm - 9:48pm British Time
A New Hope: 10:30pm - 00:35am British Time

Sunday, 3rd December, 2017:
The Empire Strikes Back: 5pm - 7:07am British Time

Return Of The Jedi: 7:30pm - 9:46pm British Time
The Force Awakens: 10pm - 12:15am British Time

BTTF Weekend: February 17th and 18th, 2018

Yeah, let's float some ideas, and see about making this a more regular thing. Not massive marathons, necessarily (those are super cool, but we don't wanna burn out on them and there are only a few series ripe for it, anyway), but individual movies, or themes (a couple of horror classics on Halloween, a couple of Christmas films around Christmas, et cetera).

The good news is the technical side isn't too tough if I'm not messing with the code much, so it doesn't create a ton of work for me if these are happening every month or two. I'll let you guys know if anything proposed is difficult from the programming side, though. But if it's just straightforward theme chats and the like, probably not a huge deal on my end provided I can be around to open or close the thing. And frankly, if these do become more regular, I can probably put together some kind of switch so that I can designate people as chat Hosts and let them open or close it on their own.

Ok, good idea!

Does it have to be a movie series? Deadwood totaled over 35 hours, too much?

I think my own personal input would be to drop Fridays from any scheduling.

Fridays proved a problem this time and also on the Star Wars Weekend, as I said in the OP, people are at work, or asleep.
It'd mean possibly crunching more movies into 2 days, but at least people can then choose if they're going to make it or not, rather than simply being put in a situation where they can't make it due to work commitments.

It'd be pretty disheartening for anyone to have to say on every single weekend that's organised "I couldn't make the last one, and can't make this one either because I'm working".

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The same
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We've gone on holiday by mistake
Officially floating a Terminator 1 and 2 weekend, Saturday and sunday

Terminator would be fun tbh. It's been a while since I saw them.

What version of T2 would we use?
I got the extended one where you see Arnie get his head cut open and Sarah almost uses a hammer on his brain chip.

I just want to say Rodent is doing a great job with these. I absolutely love the little bit of time I have got to spend with both the Star Wars and LOTR chats. My daddy life proves to get in the way of these so I really don't want to put forth anymore ideas but I will certainly participate where I can. Rodent is right about Frdiays, that day creates the most problems for our UK and US time zone differences. Rodent started it fairly late across the pond but us 'Mericans were still at work for most of Friday,

Yeah actually, never thought of that. 7PM here is 2PM on the East Coast and even earlier in the other US timezones. Halloween this year is on a Monday so the timezones are going to be a problem there no doubt as well. What about a Saturday and Sunday chat because most people including me i think will be busy on Halloween?

Well, the movie chats will undoubtedly be weekends only.
I mean, even with Halloween being on a Monday, or even say, if it was on a Wednesday, we'd make any sort of celebration on a Saturday/Sunday.

Weekends, especially with time zones, are really the only feasible way of holding these chats tbh.
Which is why I said about dropped Fridays from the scheduling because of peoples' work commitments.

Okie cokie... so, I see people are mentioning Halloween, a few have mentioned Halloween in the chat as well.

So... let's make this Halloween a practice piece for organisation on how chats will work out.

Let's say, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of October.
I'll add these dates to the reserved posts I've put at the beginning of the thread...

You guys need to now fight and argue over what movies you're going to watch...
I can then add the movies you've picked to that same post as well.