R.I.P. Carrie Fisher (1956 - 2016)


"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Okay, 2016... you got any more celebrities you wanna kill off before the end of the year? You know, to set some sort of record!?

God damn, I really thought she'd make it.... rest in peace, Carrie.

Thinking of it was it a bad sign to use a cgi younger carrie when she was living. I mean Cushing was dead but looked more living then the CGI younger Carrie. Now why does this do for whatever star wars plans for Her. Its a sad day for Star Wars fans everywhere.

She was very much like what Jennifer Lawrence is today. Actually its a shame she got so typcast, I bet she had alot more than we ever saw her give as a performer. Poor Christopher Reeve got dealt that hand too.

Can you imagine Debbie Reynolds out lived her daughter thats even more sad for a parents perspective.
Oh no! Debbie Reynolds is still alive?! That is the worst.

It's for real this time, I guess...the celebrity body count for 2016 has just been staggering...I can't believe her mother outlived her. I saw them together on some awards show about a year ago where Reynolds was receiving some sort of Lifetime Achievement thing and she barely knew where she was...I was sure she was going to go first. But this is terribly sad, from her film debut in Shampoo, The Burbs, Soapdish, Garbo Talks, Hannah and her Sisters and, of course, The Princess, this was a second generation actress who definitely stepped out of her mom's shadow and carved her own niche in Hollywood history. RIP, Carrie.

Nothing good comes from staying with normal people
RIP, Carrie Fisher.
Why not just kill them? I'll do it! I'll run up to Paris - bam, bam, bam, bam. I'm back before week's end. We spend the treasure. How is this a bad plan?

2016 started with taking out Hans Gruber and ended with Princess Leia.....fml
Gosh, so many people have died this year that I'm forgetting who they all were.

Really terrible. The fact that it happened during a very long flight is probably not coincidental. We just learned Garry Shandling died of a blood clot in the heart, and it probably wouldn't be surprising if something similar happened to Carrie Fisher. Condolences to her family, and to her beloved dog Gary.

I may go back to hating you. It was more fun.

The Bobby Fischer of movie criticism
Well, Kylo must be happy, he doesn't have to make plans to kill his mom anymore.

Empty space for rent - contact Gatsby via PM.

Man Who Catch Fly with Chopstck Accmplish Anything
I must admit 2016 was a rough year in the world of show business.
George and Carrie within 2 days of each other, and they both died young.
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Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher. You are, and will always be, missed.
Look, Dr. Lesh, we don't care about the disturbances, the pounding and the flashing, the screaming, the music. We just want you to find our little girl.