Donald Trump for President?


I think this kind of thing puts people off Hilary too -
There was something else similar about Madeleine Albright saying there was a "special place in Hell" for women who don't support other women. That's a quote she's used for awhile, but used in the context of a campaign, it sounded like she was suggesting women had some kind of ethical obligation to support female candidates.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

There was something else similar about Madeleine Albright saying there was a "special place in Hell" for women who don't support other women. That's a quote she's used for awhile, but used in the context of a campaign, it sounded like she was suggesting women had some kind of ethical obligation to support female candidates.
Yeesh. She sounds like fun.

Thats a good point, Sexy. I'm sure I read somewhere that being fat used to be fashionable hundreds of years ago for those reasons.

Bernie does look like death warmed up a bit though, and it is off putting, even though I know it shouldn't be
He's too old. I think if he was younger -- 40's, 50's -- he'd have a great shot at beating Hillary. A great shot. But he's pushing 80. If he was younger, he'd be more hip and cool and DEPENDABLE. It would be like Hillary vs. Bill Clinton back in the '90s. But now, Hillary is the younger of the two.

Maybe when Bernie supporters say "feel the Bern," they're actually telling Bernie to go get some exercise and maybe he'll have a better chance.
I don't think exercise would help him. If anything, it might make him look worse. Those old bones exercising? He could hurt himself.

Yes, being fat can help you. I honestly think most of the fat shaming out there is coming from jealousy. Michelle Obama preaching healthy food choices and anti-fat propaganda -- that's a jealous, insecure woman.

I've always depended on the kindness of strangers
Thank God I'm British is the main thing I've learnt from this, although we have our share of idiots too, though.

I don't like Hillary, and I can't even take Trump seriously. I quite like Sanders though. I agree that Hillary seems condescending, and Trump makes Farage look plausible by comparison, and that xenophobe is anything but.

Also, and I'm sorry if this sounds rude, but how can people be so vehemently anti-abortion? Surely, a woman should have rights over her own body, someone else telling her what to do with it always seemed bizarre, archaic, and a bit creepy to me. Even before I kind of abandoned Catholicism etc. That was something I always believed in.
That being said, I support the most liberal party in the UK
I think people forget the "idea" of America.

I can't imagine Thomas Jefferson thinking "We sacrificed our lives for this?" Both parties are almost the same. I guess the best question to ask is whether the American people deserve the government they get. People have a responsibility to at least know what kind of system we have.

Sexy, you fat-shame me more than anyone I know.
Fat jokes are love. Comedy is love. That's what's wrong with America -- that's why I voted for Donald Trump -- too many liberals/Democrats now see comedy as hate. Comedy is dying a grueling death right now in America thanks to too many people who are super sensitive and think every joke is full of hate. Comedy is not hate. Comedy is love. Fat jokes are dealing with the fat in a way that's actually supportive and inclusive. I love fat jokes and I love fat people. I love offensive jokes and the people being offended. People used to make gay jokes about me a lot around here and I've noticed there's been a decline. People are worried that someone like Iroquois is gonna come around and shush them and tell them to call everyone "cisgender" or "cishet."

Donald Trump is a funny guy. Hysterical, even. I'd rather have a fat, funny guy in the White House than those two other old bats in the belfry, Hillary and Bernie.

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They want her as president so America can look even more progressive. We had the black president.... now we have to have the female president.
yeah! kinda like we just haaad to have an old white guy for president, for, like, every other time before that

I just read through the last couple pages and many of you said what I already knew, most people vote a candidate based on how they personally feel about them.

It's the old litmus test: 'which candidate would you want to have as a neighbor?' Frankly I think that's silly. I don't care if someone seems cool or the other person seems stuffy or whatever tag words you apply to them.

I personal consider the issues, especially the ones I care about and secondly the party affiliation. Sadly Dems and Repubs are two sides of the same coin, and most politicians are self serving. If they weren't they wouldn't be able to achieve the ability to run for President.
Are you an HoF Virgin? Then this is for you: Virgin HoF

i'm SUPER GOOD at Jewel karaoke
I don't really like Hilary either. but holy crap, who cares about negative rep? Sexy, you're warped. please seek help. that is all.

SC, you like Donald Trump because you see yourself in him...someone who would say or do most anything to garner attention, regardless of the consequences. Tell me I'm wrong.

SC, you like Donald Trump because you see yourself in him...someone who would say or do most anything to garner attention, regardless of the consequences. Tell me I'm wrong.
I don't think you're necessarily wrong. I hate that everyone thinks I'm such an attention seeker, though. I don't think that's true. I like Trump's energy and charisma and the fact that he wants things done right. I starting liking all of that about him before he started his run for presidency. I found him appealing and inspiring back then. Loud, obnoxious people are sometimes trying to be heard, maybe even trying to speak the truth. Easygoing people are sometimes more easily accepted, but they may also be wrong about things. I think it's dangerous to always want to listen to people who appear sweet and nice.

SC, so which issues that Trump supports, do you like?
I confess that not everything Trump has said has really intrigued me. That big wall he wants to make at the border of Mexico or wherever it is -- I'm kinda sick hearing about the big wall. But whatever. I do, however, like his aggressive feelings about stopping things like possible terrorist acts in the country. I think we need to be concerned about ISIS and things like that.

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I have to admit, I don't think it's coincidence, for example, that in the history of our monarchy, the ones who probably accomplished the most were Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria, who themselves didn't believe in women's rights.

And then you have the likes of Isabella of Castile, who was responsible for the discovery of America, and Maria Theresa Habsburg, who as a woman in her twenties, managed to get her empire out of the immense debt her father left her in in addition to implementing education and military reforms.

And that's not even detailing any of the modern female rulers. Women are innately capable of ruling effectively and efficiently, just as men are. Yoda's earlier post was so spot on.

I've always depended on the kindness of strangers
I think this kind of thing puts people off Hilary too -
I keep saying I'll stop talking about politics, but if people are going to bring it up.... A big problem is when people shield their party. Why trade your individuality for a group in the first place? Instead of being honest with both sides, even-handed to make them better, we do the opposite. So they take their supporters for granted. If you notice throughout modern American history, a Republican President can get away with "liberal" stuff and vice-versa.

Sanders and Trump are getting the most support on the ground, but both the DNC and RNC are trying to make sure they aren't the nominee. I think it's a slap in the face to voters in New Hampshire when Bernie Sanders wins by 22% but loses because of delegates. Superdelegates suck too. The first thing people say to defend them is that they can change their mind. So go wherever the wind blows. Why not reflect the voters? That's true indirect democracy. They both put rules in place to get the outcome they want. I don't blame people for not voting. I wouldn't vote for the evil of two lessers anyway. The Democratic Party was dead until Bernie arrived, and now that we have a modern-day FDR, all the people (even some conservative friends of mine) will say, "But what are his chances?" What about our chances? The GOP want a brokered convention and will probably get it (unless they're convinced it's better for them) so that the House can vote for President. I rather have a candidate I don't like, but one that the people want. So you have the death of the Republican Party as well - a stockbroker mentality for values. Speaking of Republicans, that's exactly what you'll get with the current Goldwater Girl Hillary Clinton, who has voted with the right-wing on EVERY major issue, so there really isn't choice. And people think Trump isn't a Republican either. Now EVERY candidate wants to be an "outsider" - which is good symbolically, but it's simple opportunism. They're all scripted, buzz words, tough talk, fear tactics. This has become an election centered around ratings and an all-out circus.

Gloria Steinem - another fraud. A woman who used men to climb up the social ladder. Mike Nichols, Mort Sahl, etc etc.. She was (maybe still is) CIA - we know that she took down the names of all the leftists at the Vienna Youth Festival and had the financing for her Ms. Magazine, embezzled by Warner Brothers... Feminist... What's wrong with being a humanist? Why divide us against each other? It's alright, she'll liberate women.

Beware of false profits.

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yeah, they might be capable, but who knows? it's hard to say. i mean, it's not like a woman has ever ran a country before. there's really no way of knowing what they'll do. like what if they'll all get their periods and blow us all up? or what if they have kids? i mean, personally, i don't see how a women with children could possibly run a country unless she doesn't give a crap about her children. talk about bad parenting, am i right? haha. and even if she has kids but it's ok because they're all grown, well, then we have to worry about whether or not she ends up having grand kids. you know how crazy grandmothers be! they can't concentrate on anything but their grand kids.

you guys, i just don't think it's gonna work. there's too much at stake. soz, Hills.

Every time I see Sanders I think of Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett Show, that frail old man who could barely move.

Trump needs to get someone he'll listen to give him media advice. Not to turn him into a wind-up doll like Rubio, but to get some breaks on him.

Is Hillary beatable? Of course. But actually it is the non traditional Republican candidate in this race, Trump, who has the best chance to do that if he wasn't so wild. Sometimes Trump is brilliant. Calling Jeb low energy, brilliant. The way he first questioned Cruz's eligibility, saying he wasn't going to challenge him, but the Democrats would. Smart. Then he started to more directly challenge his citizenship and threatened to sue him himself. That was dumb. He always goes too far. He is his own worse enemy.

Cruz is not an appealing candidate in a general election. He is not going to do well in the purple states. He's got to take the states Romney lost. How can he do that?

Rubio has a chance to beat her, but he's looks less impressive lately, with the botched debate where Christie unnerved him and cost him momentum in New Hampshire, and the poorly done personal attacks against Trump. It also doesn't help on foreign policy he is a hard core neocon who wants the United States to directly engage in every hot spot in the world, including the Ukraine.. The United States has to realize it's limitations and carefully pick its fights.