"Guess the movie from the Screenshot" game


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It's The Terminal Man, also written by Michael Crichton. And since Crichton directed Westworld as well as wrote it, your clue was somewhat misleading.

But no biggie. They didn't know it, anyway.
Great job identifying the movie! Sorry, I guess my clue was badly worded. I meant was the connection was not that they shared the same director, which they don't. Technically, though your post too might be considered somewhat misleading since Crichton did not write The Terminal Man movie (Mike Hodges did). The connection between the two films is rather that they were both based on a novel by Michael Crichton.

BTW, I'm curious if my clue, however misleading, helped you all identify the film or if you recognized it totally from the screenshot? That shot of the eye is very prominent in the trailer for The Terminal Man and in fact it is shown twice.

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I know the movie. I'm old.
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The next screenshot clues gonna be the movie poster. Its a Paul Newman movie I havent seen.

The next screenshot clues gonna be the movie poster. Its a Paul Newman movie I havent seen.
Actually, this was the next still I was gonna put up...

The sequel to Harper, with Paul Newman as private dick Lew Harper. Same director as Cool Hand Luke. By the way, that is a young Melanie Griffith in the bikini.

Mercifully, you're up, Siggy.

It's grrrrrrreeeaaatt!!!!
Second Best Gun?

The Man With A Face?
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Simply angelic!

I think it's Tequila Sunrise.

I own that piece of garbage film on DVD. I actually don't think it's that bad but my room mate hates it haha.

This is another film of disputable quality from my collection. Even if no one has seen it I think people could find it pretty easily with some clues.

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