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Director Christopher Nolan has taken over the series and has cast Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader. Nolan and David S. Goyer will co-write the fifth installment, which is said to be based on the script Batman: The Frightening, featuring The Scarecrow and Al-ghul as the villains. The movie initially was to be based on Frank Miller's graphic novel Batman: YO, a film-noir-infused, four-issue story written in 1987 and published by DC Comics that detailed Bruce Wayne's first year as Batman, including the self-doubts and blunders he had to overcome in order to emerge as a full-blown crime fighter.

let's just hope they do it right this time
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then again....Christian bale?...what are they thinking?

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I think this movie has great potential(spelling?) and I think Nolan is a great person to take over directing the movies. No Burton, but MUCH better then anyone since Burton, and I think he could bring an interesting view to the movies. Also, I think Bale, has as much potential, as he does a chance of failing. What I mean is he's a great actor who could pull it off very well (especially Bruce Wayne) or could ruin this movie. But we will all have to wait and see.
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so far the only good batman has been micheal keaton
nuf said
and if you don't beleive me you should check out the episode of celebrity jeopardy(on snl) that he's "in"

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then again....Christian bale?...what are they thinking?
Bale is a brilliant actor. Check out "American Psycho", the best performance from an actor (in my opinion) that year. As far as I'm concerned, the young Bruce Wayne could not have been cast better (Well maybe Freddie Prinze Jr).

Nolan on the other hand is the one I'd be concerned about. He gets too much praise, for such mediocre work. I'm not saying I dislike his films, just that they do not - as Jim Morrison would say... "Light my fire".
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While I agtree with the earlier post that Micheal Keaton has been the best Batman to date. I believe that Bale can fill the role nicely. Check out his similar avenging angel character in Equilibrium

Ok bare with me I am not sure about the spelling on that name!Anyway Bale what are they thinking?He will be awful why are they even making another batman movie?
The last batman movie was a bomb so why are they making another one?(Well inleast to me it was it was awful!)I mean come on BatGirl?!
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I have good feelings about this one, for reasons stated below:

Bale is a good actor, I don't care what anyone says, he has potential.
Nolan is a good, promising director, Memento and Insomnia perfect examples.
If the rumours are true, and i say IF, both Cillian Murphy and Viggo Mortensen (sp?) are cast as Bad Guys, I think that will just top it off.

I'm not a fan of any of the Batman films, I usually don't bother with them at all, but this is very promising to me.

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the thing i like the best about this film is using the scarecrow as a villain.... i cant wait to see what he looks like... ive always thouight batman films were good, i think this one will be gr8.

oh...christian BALE
my bad
although i hated american psycho i do think he is a good actor and may be a good person for the role

i was thinking christian slaytor...
my bad...

Oh those crafty folks at Warner Bros. It seems the INTIMIDATION GAME subtitle for the upcoming BATMAN project was just part of their disinformation campaign designed at throwing online sites (like ours and Superhero Hype and Batman-on-Film) off the real title. The studio maintains INTIMIDATION was just a ruse and that the real title can now officially be announced. That title: BATMAN BEGINS! There were rumors earlier this week that BEGINS may be the new title but last night it was revealed to webmasters and this morning it ran in the pages of Variety. I personally think it's a much better title than INTIMIDATION and lets the audience know right up front this is a whole new start for BATMAN. There are still a few roles left to be cast, most notably Commissioner Gordon who many sources say will be played by Dennis Quaid. Expect final casting to come next week with filming set to begin in March. Only a year and a half to go until BATMAN BEGINS hits theaters!
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Christian Bale will be great, but I really wanted to see him in the Year One project. Too bad Arnolfsky dropped out: I don't know if Bale will be able to pull off a seasoned Batman, if that's what Indimidation Game is after.

It better be dark and gritty. No more confetti and nipples.

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... if that's what Indimidation Game is after.

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INTIMIDATION GAME subtitle for the upcoming BATMAN project was just...was just a ruse and that the real title can now officially be announced..... BATMAN BEGINS!

Here's a helpful link concerning the new 'Batman'.....
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Batman: Year Zero
The fifth Batman movie finally has an official name... Batman Begins. This lays to rest the rumours that the movie was going to be called either Batman: Intimidation or Batman: Intimidation Game, which were being used purely to throw net geeks off the scent.

As the title suggests, Batman Begins will chronicle Bruce Wayne's journey from multi-millionare businessman to the Caped Crusader. Our guess is it starts when he misses a couple of sessions with his therapist. Batman Begins starts shooting in Iceland and London in March, with Christian Bale in the title role. The cast also includes Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, and Ken Watanabe.
It is named

I don't think Bale for one thing would make a good batman and after a horrible Batman four I don't want to think how this is going to be!
I fear for this movie!I really do!I am not looking forward to seeing it one bit!
Anyway see you around!JM