Are filmakers running out of ideas?


We have seen too many sequels, prequels, remakes, and some
unoriginal movies and also many movies based on books. Some movies just copy other movies.
Some examples are:

Darkness Falls
The Lizzie McGuire Movie
Bulletproof Monk
Do you guys know any others?

Since more movies are coming out every year, I wouldn't say movie makers are running out of ideas. It's just that trash movies are so easy to make... But we still get three or four classics a year.

I agree. the majority of todays filmmakers use other people's ideas, or keep building off of one.
Now look at the 70's and 80's. The most original movies to date, and quite possibly the best.
StarWars, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Batman, Die Hard, Terminator, all of which are being revamped. But dont fret just yet I forsee a second coming. Wait about 7 years, we will enter what i affectionatley call 'The Second Film Renessance". It'll be great

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I look forward with bated breath to an orginal Richard H. Langlois film
Mr M Rides Again

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It seems like Hollywood is going for movies that are going to sell. They probably think that people will go to see movies that have familiar characters or stories. The fact that most of the movies coming out this year are sequels should prove that.
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yea...I think one of the worst ideas Hollywood has had in a long time was to remake The In-Laws. Blasphemy.

I don't think its really fair to blame filmmakers. . .I mean its pretty hard to make a totally orginal film. Even the good films these days pretty much are a mix of older works/films.

To be honest, I prefer a better script and director than originality in a film - I mean its obviously a plus but not crucial.

I definantly agree that there needs to be a brainstorming of new ideas for movies. I'm starting to see the same things over and over again. If you guys are into silly/funny films, check out my website...this is an independant film I made but it's pretty good. Go to If you like Kung-fu flicks, and basketball, than this is for you. peace

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a big fat NO. its just that there are alot of people susceptible to hollywood crap. they make movies not for customer satifaction or art but to make money. my script writers have the best scripts and they will rise to the top in the next few years, every one in the world has ideas for films every day but dont no what to do with them. as long as technology keeps changing so will the scripts. go to arts cinema's for now and avoid big actors turned directors when it comes to art..
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Hello you cuties --
David Ogilvie, the greatest living advertising copywriter (only I think he died recently) once said, "there are no original ideas. Everyone steals. The trick is to steal from the best sources."
Maybe that's true, but there are original people -- do maybe there are original idead after all. ;-O
Woddaya think?
Love & kisses,

I agree with everyone but I also think that there is also alot of pressure for movie writers and directors and such today because they have to keep shelling out all sorts of different movies to keep the public happy.....
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"Resident Evil 2:Apocolypse" Mila Jovavich
"Phone Booth" Colin Ferrel, Keifer Sutherland (2003)
"Pay it Forward" Haley Joel Osmond, Helen Hunt(2000)
"American Wedding" Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan(2003)
"Dogma" Ben Affleck, Matt Damon(1999)
"LOTR" 1,2 & 3 Vigo Mortenison, Elijah Wood (2002-2003)
"Thirteen" Holly Hunter, Nikkie Reed (2004)