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hello every one on movie forums.com it is me you friend and trusted advisor...drexal parks
I opened this thread for people to rant mostly and reply to said rants.

the movie going experiance:
I don't ever experienc it. i refuse and with great reason not that movies are too expencive(though they are) i hate going to the theater. it is such a gruling process

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Kong suggests seeing matinees when it is cheaper and less crowded. Seeing movies on the big screen is really the best way to view them.

Catilyn agrees with Kong… but wonders what makes it such a grueling process…
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It was beauty killed the beast.
Originally posted by Caitlyn
Catilyn agrees with Kong…
For this you recieve 14 Kong Points! Congratulations!

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I only time I've found the process grueling is taking a group of young kids.....making sure everyone's happy and seated with snacks before the movie starts. Then of course during the movie, the "potty" breaks and soda refilling for a few kids.

I also agree with Kong about seeing matinees. Also....does your Theatre sell advanced tickets? Would the process be easier for you to get your tickets ahead of time?

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okay ladies and gentelmen. its me...drexal parks.
I had problem when i wrote that first thread it was not done. and so not to confuse people I am rewritting it as a reply.

the movie going experiance is such a festering pool of unsanitary people and films. what can I say either than the only reasons I can think of are as follows: I don't wnat to sit in a massive monilithic style garganchuin pallaidiums with tons and tons of strangers. I want to smoke a cigarette and listen to the dialog not the atention hungry children screaming at the top of their lungs and getting up cause"this movies boring" why would I do that when I could just as easily wait four months. I am not one who needs to see a flick the second it comes out unless its contriversial and there is a good chance a lot of it would be cut.
ie: Eyes Wide Shut just to name one.
not only is it the children but the teens (like myself) they do not go to the flicks to see a flick trhey go to sociallize and banter about any and everything not about the flick or other movies. this is lengthy. but I really screwed up opening this.
there is something els that happenes at the movies: I can't apreciate it as much as i could had I seen it at home theres something to be said about a quiet enviroment. am I wrong? now that you have read my real reasons for dislikeing the movie going experiance. oh and it has very very little to do with the money if its a good flick I'll dish out the 12.50 its cool with me. its just sometimes. you know what I mean? now reply to THIS please.

It was beauty killed the beast.
Kong still suggests going to the theater; just go when it is quieter. For instance, try to between Monday and Thursday when there are less people (particularly young people), and try to go to matinees as well.

Kong went to see Better Luck Tomorrow at 4:30 on Monday, and there was only one other person there.

Don't you have "home cinema" systems there? Here in Israel, every movie lover gets himself a projector, surround sound, and a DVD player.
This way, you can get the ultimated movie experience, at the price of a DVD rental.

Of crouse, the system itself is quite expensive....

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true enough I will go to kongs preciass(incorect spelling)matinees.
anyway I got a new rant topic: HORROR MOVIES ARE IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY!!!
hello friends it is me...your friend and trusted advisor...drexal parks.
Once Scream came out in 96'(or when ever)it was a time for a new breed of horror flicks...very very horrible. now don't get me wrong Scream was somewhat original. but that gave the dreaded Kevin williams the right to re-write and create some of the worst non-event type horror slasher flicks aroundnearly every single mid-to-late nineties and some early 00' horror flicks were either co or completely written by this sudeo-screenwritter.he made me almost despise wes craven and absolutly forced me to boycot almost all new horrors. untill The Ring.(a north american remake of Ringu the N.A. version mirrored it completely) this was a really good flick.(and I did happen to see it in a theater and in a matinee that is for kongs benifit.) and I loved it. it was a movie in the tradition of nightmares. the only real workable device for a horror movie. and made it better. I can honestly say I have had nightnares (prior to seeing The Ring) with some of the exact images from the flick. that is what gets to me when a writter( and cinamatographer) are able to capture absolute nightmare shots. I mean like people are not going to get scared seeing a guy in a hockey mask kill and mame key members of pop singing groups. or what have you. which brings me to re-remark on the fact that famouse people do not belong in horror. it ruins the effect and makes me thoughroly detest the movie. one of the...scratch that the only good horror flick of the mid to late ninties was...Wes Cravens new nightamre. the greatest idea and the most enevidable outcome of the greatest horror franchise to date(minus hellraiser and texas chainsaw masacar) I am about to sit and watch I know what you did last summer.... another flick by the horrid Kevin Williams(the man who was reported to say he dose not even like he horror movie genra.) and already I see that jennifer love hewitt is in it. garbage already. as I fast forward I see (forgive me for not knowing his name) that guy DAVID from the t.v. show rossanne. for gods sake could he die at a sooner time?(that is gramaticly incorrect.. sorry) and the rest of the cast is littered with pathetic teen icons. sure it will get the kids in there but what about integrity? what about substance. in my opinon horror flicks are the genra that absolutly needs substance for it to be any good at all. at least I know what you did last summer does not try to hide who the killer is. it worked with scream but once scream two came out and there was (from rosanne againe)that Jackie chick.(sorry I'm really no good with names) well I said out loud. I wonderb who it could be....oh but wait...its that guy whats his name...aghhh whocares.
well just some food for thought.
tune in tomarrow when I explain why kubrick was involved in the fake moon landing....just joking...maybe.

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I'm extremely guilty as using movies as excuses for social events (why else would I have gone to see Reign of Fire...)
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what does that have to do with anything...and yes reign of fire did suck.

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Someone mentioned how they hated people going to movies as social events. Indeedly, we were cheering wildly every time someone got killed.

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sorry for my perverbial hick-up.

but I am sorry you feel the need to do those things to those poor half rate actors....just joking do it as much as you like I'm never going to the theaters again.

so hear I am watching a little bit of mad tv and it is a scetch on a show for children about reading I forget the name of the fictisious show. (something about trains.) and what do I see (or hear rather) a song about the moon landing conspiacy. which is something I never wanted to believe but find it hard not to....(not because of the photos) and who happens to make an appearance?...George Carlon. claiming (2001 a space odysee'S) stanley kubrick was the one who fathomed and exicuted the whole thing up at area 51. so into the old DVD player went 2001. I studied it then studied the copy of the moon landing...then I watched CAPRICORN ONE a pretty cool flick if you can get past OJ simpson.(a movie about the US faking a manned mision to mars.) and it came to me... its true Kubrick did do it and it shows in every frame. and espeacially inCAPRICORN ONE in the way they ateempted to recreate the feeling of both 2001 and the moon landing (throwing in the cheesieness of the early 80's.) I will not explain exactly how it convinced me I want all the readers of these rants to find out on your own. at any rate the feelings felt by me were all the same we will never get off this stinkin' rock. we will decieve and lie and then tell the truth in fiction then do it all over again all in the name of denial of our shortcommings. this is hardly a rant about films or even about the moon landing houx. it is a rant about our governments being soo ruthlessy ignorent about the people they rule and would rather fool them selvess before telling the truth in the truest form...a press confrence. and even if youstill belive we landed on the moon after seeing the flicks (and the episode of mad tv)I mentioned think of this...:the buget for the moon landing was 3 billion dollars and the mars expidition will be aprox. 16-23 billion dollars think of the fancy special effect you could buy with that. ..."hello mr lucas? we have a propisition for you..."

and speaking of george lucas(Ihate capitals)...is nothing sacred? who finds it discusting that STAR WARS was an old japanies movie. an fairytale flick. thats were the story was born from(well stolen from, well lets be honest ripped from) and I was just saying that in the movie industry AND the HIP-HOP industry are in the same boat... nothing is original. everything is taken from somewhere. and I am sick of it. I mean they remade GHOST SHIP. *^*%@$* GHOST SHIP.!!! and I know what you did last summer and oceans eleven and the ring and the hulk and and (once agin) starwars and the lord of the rings(no complaints)and E.T FOR GODS SAKE.(a politicly corect version of all thigs...ohh thank god those guns in the hands of the f.b.i are gone they really were too much) and one I am a bit confliced with wich is the soon to be made (or released I am not certain) Hitchhikers Guid to the Galaxy (dir. by Rouch of chicken run) and countless other ripoffs that most of us weren't even told about. this is a very seriouse situation we have put our selves into. i mean like if we are no longer making original movies like memento or PI or following or matrix(some of these may even be remakes of other contries films)then what are we to do? just bite the bullit and start converting hoolywood into Ballywood? and reel out over a millon movies a year? (nickole Kidman better get her dance shoes and her vocals up a few octavs.) cause the only way to make an original movie is to steal the the recipie for forigne films like east aisa of south america and use it to give the veiwers a new perspective on the survivability of OUR Hollywood. this is one mans opinon and I WANT TO HEAR YOURS.!!!!!!


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You forgot Thir13een ghosts, that was awfully horrrrrible too. Actually, I didn't see it, but it's a horror remake with lots of gore, which puts me right off. Wow, you see what they did with the title? My jaw is dropping wide open.

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Ahh yes. mathew liliard. the dushe bag of the horror movie.
how could I forget 13 ghosts. a retchid flick. though there is nothing wrong with gore. gore makes the movie sometimes. like in hellraiser for instance. or A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET part one.(and 7) with out the extensive blood and the tearing of the flesh the whole 'getting draged around the walls and ceiling' bit would be dull and boaring. a horror movie is the one place wee sencless blood and gore IS the terrifing aspect to the film. any George A. Ramero flick is filled with disembowlment and decapitiation. (such is silent hill and fatal frame and resident eveil[also a good zombie flick]) that is what scares us in the way it doesn't scare us atall no one nowadays REALLY gets frightened at a horror flick mearly startled or put back but never has a single person in this generation ever gone to a flick or just watched one and left or turned it off and been actually scared ? like you wouldn't be able to walk home alone or you couldn't make it up or down the stairs of your own house. too frightened that an entity is close behind and waiting to disintestin(I just made that up)you. the only one I can think of that could com anyware close to that would have to be The Blair Witch Project. the noise and lack of visual aids forced your mind to create its own demans and amplant them onto the film....that and that ********* HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS. I mean come on with those shotty 16 mm. and the absence of lighting every one watching at home or in the theater (motion sickness free)was creeped out by the imagry. for it was some of the only stuff in the frantic moments at night and that only made it more realistic. like the sounds of the chains in hellraiser or the scretching of the 'Finger Knives' in A Nightmareon Elm Street. and lets not forget the defening tourchered screams of the poor women in The Texas Chainsaw Masacar.(not forgetting the screams of leather face himself) matched with his twinging squeel of the chainsaw itself. that is what made those movies, not only calssics but terrifieing on the same light. that is why every other horror is just a slasher flick. that is why gore is absolutly essential for the horror genra for if there were no gore there would be no Jason no Michal Myres no Billy and friend(scream) threre would be no norman bates.

(I do love other horror films and many other genras these are the only ones relevent to the rant at hand)