Your favorite movie scenes of all time...


Alrighty, someone covered "Best opening scene". Now I want your all time favorite scenes in movie history...

here are some of mine in nor order except the first three.

"Rocky" - Ending conversation in the bed between Rocky and Adrian. This is my all time favorite scene.

"Return of the Jedi" - Ending duel between Vader and Luke. The music gets me every time!

"Braveheart" - His torture to the end the ending charge. gets me every time.

"Fearless" - Jeff Bridges crashes his Volvo into a brick wall to show Rozie Perez's character she couldn't hold on to her baby.

"The man in the iron mask" - When the 4 of them charge the other muskateers down the narrow corridor at the end of the film.

"The Natural" - When Glenn Close stands up in the middle of the game, then Roy Hobbs breaks the clock with a homerun.

"Rocky III" - Mickey tells Rocky that he's been carried as champion.

"Rocky II" - Rocky runs the steps up the Philadelphia Spectrum.

"The Abyss" - Ed harris's character tries to revive an almost dead mary Elizabeth mastantonio.

"Without Limits" - Steve Prefontaine, played by Billy Crudup runs for gold at the Munich olympics in 1972.

"And Justice For all" - Al Pacino delivers the best courtroom speech in movie history.

"A few Good men" - You want me on that need me on that wall.

"Tombstone" - Showdown between Val Kilmer and Michael Biehn.

"2010" - Dr. Floyd meets Dave for the first and last time.

"The Last of the mohicans" - The whole ending sequence from the time the frenchman is killed to the credits...almost no dialogue for 15 minutes.

"Attack Of the clones" - Yoda flips out

"Empire strikes back" - father and son meet for the first time.

"Running on empty" - after celebrating Christine Lathi's b-day...they start dancing to "Fire and Rain"

"Murder in the first" - Kevin Bacon's ending speech.

"Dark City" - When Rufus Sewel puts his hand through the police glass to kiss Jennifer connely

"Titanic" - Rose promises Jack in the water.

"Off Limits" - Dafoe and Hines are about to be exectued by NVA. Fred Ward pulls up and the rest is history. "When will u people learn, we are never outgunned."

"Star Trek 6" - Entire ending sequence

"Godfather Part 2" - deniro traverses the roof tops

"Dances Wilth wolves" - Opening sequence..."Forgive me father."

these are SOME of my all time favs...
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bah, i think i'll post mine in this here place....right here:

the ending of aguirre: heh, kinski's mad speech as he hobbles around the empty raft grabbing at monkeys. the look on his face as he holds one of them. and then when he throws it over his shoulder to beseach hid dead crew. who's with me on this one ?

the opening sequence of nausicaa: nausicaa flying in over the clouds on mehve, the great tapestry credits pan, the extremely creepy silhouettes of the godwarriors walking amongst the flaming ruins of a city during the seven days of fire....oh, and then towards the end of the movie, when kushana resurrects the godwarrior, and it's just about the most impressive melting, rotting, massive atomic monster i've ever! and here i was expecting him to become a major character like in the manga!

same for tetsuo's great transformation in 'akira', actually, the young exploding mr. shima might well edge out the godwarrior as the most impressive melting......atomic monster i've ever seen! that movie still keeps me guessing every time i see it.

the scene where the robot comes to life and wrecks the castle in 'laputa', also the whole ending climax when muska takes the city and pazu and sheeta have to confront him.

the extremely bizarre and out of place 'dancing in unison' sequence of himitsuri (fire festival). what great oddness.

a few images from fitzcarraldo, particularly the total despair evident in kinski's posture when the natives start to desert, with the great opera playing in the background. also his tantrum atop the church steeple.

the entire final fourty minutes of imamura's remake of 'the ballad of narayama', when the son has to carry his elderly mother up the mountain in total silence and leave her to die at the chilling mass grave on narayama. also his reflective descent back to the village. i remember vividly when i was only about ten minutes into that scene, wishing it would last forever, i guess i could settle for fourty minutes.

several moments from imamura's 'black rain': the scene where the sculptor relives his experience of the war in pantomime really got to me. also the old man's description of watching and listenting helplessly to his children burning to death in the aftermath of the blast.

just about every scene in kiki's delivery service was a real gem.

^doubly for norstein's half hour long 'tale of tales'. the two that come to mind now are when the men come back from the war, decimated, and start to dance again (the ones that still can anyway)...and when the wolf carries off the baby, his frantic panicky run through roaring traffic and into the woods.

the big storm sequence in buster keaton's 'steamboat bill, jr.' plus any scene where we get to oggle marion byron, she's just got the cutest manerisms of any film gal ever.

the ending of 'modern times' gets me much more than the oft celebrated finish of 'city lights'.

^same for the various meal scenes in 'the gold rush'

^same fot the various meal scenes in 'tampopo'

tokyo story: the ending dialogue between the two daughters, noriko and sure is a dissapointment, kyoko baby. now get over it (heh, no problem, it's an ozu movie).

the little norse prince: opens with horus's amazingly intense fight with a never ending legion of wolves, not bad for a little kid with nothing but a hatchet tied to a rope...

max von sydow's bleak little conversation with bibi andersson at the end of 'wild strawberries'.

the train scene in dr. zhivago. i especially remember being moved at the end of the intermission, when the camera gradually approaches the light, and then suddenly emerges from the tunnel into the mountains.

^same for the doc's little writing stint in the ice-covered summer house.

hmmm, too lazy to think of more now.

Snatch- Character Introduction, Mickey knocks out Gorgeus Geroge, Boxing fights, practically the whole movie.

Pulp Fiction- The whole 2 hrs. 35 mins

Rocky III- Eye of the Tiger monologue

Conan The Barbarian- Conan ruins the orgy party- by killing everyone., Recovery sequence, Conan vs Rexor and Thorgrim scenes. Bad ass sh*t.

RoboCop- Robo shoots up the cochaine factory.

Episode I- Duel of the Fates/ Anything Darth Maul

Episode II- Jango vs Obi Wan.

Jackie Brown- Sam Jackson and Chris Tucker scene.

Starship Troopers- Troopers invade planet Klendathu.

Lord of the Rings- Gandalf vs Saruman, any Ringwraiths scene, The Prologue (Last Alliance bullsh*t)

Gladiator- Everything except the boring parts.

Ghostbusters- Hotel busting, monologue(s), any part with Ecto-1, last 30 mins.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie- Rooftop fight, any scene with Raph- cuz hes da coolest.

Get Carter- Stallone and Mickey Rourke scenes were cool. Elevator fight was fu*kn hilariously awesome.

Way of the Gun- Gun fight at the end, beginning was funny.

Death to Smoochy- Most scenes with Robin Williams.

Casino- Joe Pesci saying the F word 99 times in under 5 mins. I mean- the desert scene with Pesci and DeNiro. Frankie and the boys shoot up the cops house, the whole House of the Rising Sun part, Pesci "plays" baseball.

Fight Club- Stealing fat, start a fight with a stranger, the last 45 mins. Fu*kn best. movie. ever.

The Beach- Beginning is cool. The whole movie rules. But the last half an hour goes down hill I'd say.

Se7en- Kevin Spacey scene. Finale sh*t.

Blow- All the betrayal scenes are pretty powerful. Black Betty scene rules. Crank dat sh*t up!

Meh. Thats it for now.

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For A Few Dollars More - "Well well if it isn
't the smoker." Kinski and Van Cleef, need I say more.

The Searchers - John Wayne turns around with a look of hate in his eye looking at the white girls turned savage.

Aguirre the Wrath of God - "I'm in charge here" Kinski - "Is that so?"

White Heat - "Finally made it ma top of the world."

Raging Bull - "Hey Ray, Hey Ray, ya never got me down Ray, ya never got me down."

Taxi Driver - When DeNiro is talking to wizard on the street

Natural Born Killers - "We don't kill no one on our wedding day."

Bonnie and Clyde - The ending

Apocolypse Now - Brando and his speech about the horror

North by Northwest - The auction scene

2001 - Dave Disconnecting HAL 9000

A Clockwork Orange - Alex beats up his droogies on the dock

Fight Club - The ending

Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf - When the husband gets the fake rifle and we think he gone over the edge and so does Elizabeth Taylor.

Giant - James Dean strikes it rich and goes to start a fight with Rock Hudson.

also towards the end when Rock Hudson gets beat up by the dinner owner who has the right to refuse service.

Shane - The very end when he dies, the "A Gun is a tool speech" and the barfight.

The Wild One - My ole' man used ta hit harder than that.

Last Tango in Paris - the very end.

(1. scene in movie history )Gone With the Wind - bodies piling up and the sick as Scarlett looks for a doctor for Melanie.

Also when Rhett says "Has the war started." and also Scarlett kills a yankee and Melanie says I'm glad you killed him - the only time i nthe film where she actually doesn't say something 100 % good hearted.
and of course - "Tommorrows another day."
and my favorite scene of all time is Red River - "I'm gonna kill ya Matt"
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I'll take:

First 15 minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark with the trek through the jungle and the booby traps and the rolling stone and the snake.

Also, put me down for the Inquisition number in Mel Brooks' History of the World Part 1.

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Hello all! OK, for what it's worth, the fight scene in "The Princess Bride" between Cary Ewles and Mandy Pantikin

Also, the last scene in "Justice for all" go Al.

Ummm...........................................The scene in Battle Royale where the teacher tells the students they all have 3 days to try and kill each other, and whoever survives is the winner....

There are so many...............I need some thinking music.
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who is this linepalsy, and when did he/she begin watching such awesome movies???
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Steve McQueen jumping the fence in The Great Escape.
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There are simply too, too many scenes to too, too many great films to mention.

But when I think of what the main component to a great film scene must encompass, I think of staying-power. I think, 'what scene never loses its impact-- its initial effect-- no matter how many times one views it?'

Two that immediately come to mind are from True Romance . The Christopher Walken/Dennis Hopper scene, and the James Gandolfini/Patricia Arquette scene are both brilliant and gut-wrenching. They are timelessly intense.

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pulp fiction - the restaurant sequence at the end

fight club - soap making

snatch - the boxing scenes

the killer - the opening up to the end of the first shootout

romeo + juliet - the opening (and most of the rest of the film)

donnie darko - the hypnosis scene (that was hilarious!)

those are all i can think of at the mo.

When Maxiumus enters the colossuem through the ground and the rose petals are falling all around him.
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I saw this thread awhile ago and kept meaning to post something, but kept getting sidetracked.

Anyway....Ever since I saw Chicago I’ve been thinking of other favorite movie scenes from past musicals. I'll make a more diverse list later...but for now....

Sound of Music
• The Opening scene
• When the childern see the Baroness for the first time and all fall out of the boat...followed by the confrontation between Maria and the Captain.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
• Milly teaching the brothers about “Courtin'.”
• The Barn Raising dance and following Barn Raising fight.

An American in Paris
• The An American in Paris ballet.
• Oscar Levant’s imaginary concert

The Bandwagon
• The Girl Hunt dance number with Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse.

Ziegfeld Follies
• Fred and Gene in The Babbitt & The Bromide
• Judy Garland performing A Great Lady Has "An Interview" (musical comedy skit)

White Christmas
• Danny Kaye trying to talk Bing Crosby into going out...
“My dear Partner....When what's left of you gets around to what's left to be gotten, what's left to be gotten won't be worth getting, whatever it is you've got left.”
• The scene where Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye impersonate the Haynes Sisters.

• The first dance number with Zeta-Jones And All That Jazz
• Queen Latifah’s number... When You’re Good to Mamma
• The puppet number with Rene and Richard.... We Both Reached for the Gun.
• The court room tap dance while showing his fast talk.

Singin’ in the Rain
• The first fashback scene as Gene explain’s his and Cosmo’s rise to the top....“Dignity, Always Dignity.”
• Gene and Cyd Charisse’s dance scene during the “Broadway Rythm” number.

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Every scene in The Thin Red Line

The scene in Blade Runner when the character played by Rutger Hauer dies.

The intro of Apocalypse Now!. This is the end...

Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) in his office in the intro of The Godfather.

Creepy chic crawling out of tv in Ring.

Ripley discovering an extra passenger in the end of Alien.

Gandalf and the balrog in Fellowship of the Ring. Fly, you fools!

Shower-scene in Psycho.

Dirty kids on bmx-bikes looking for cats to kill with Sleeps "Dragonaught" playing in the background in Gummo.

Nicky (Christopher Walken) dying playing russian roulette in Deerhunter.

Walken's and Dennis Hopper's dialogue in True Romance.
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Braveheart - when Wallace is riding toward the English fort after he finds out Murron was murdered and when Wallace is executed at the end…

The Last of the Mohicans - from the time Hawkeye walks into the Huron village until the very end…

Dances With Wolves - when the Dakota’s rescue Dunbar from the soldiers…

The Shawshank Redemption - when they discover Andy escaped and the police come to arrest the warden…

A Few Good Men - the court room scene…

Léon - when he goes after Matilda at the police station and the ending…

Aliens- When Ripley goes after Newt…

LOTR - The Two Towers - Gandalf and the Balrog; when Legolas mounts the horse; the battle for Helms Deep; the Ents; all the scenes with Legolas and Gimli and Gollum…

The 13th Warrior - when Ibn Fadlan finds out the Wendol are just men and when the Vikings go underground in search of “the mother” and when Ibn joins in the Viking Battle Prayer…

Star Wars - Attack of the Clones - YODA

The Shinning - “Here’s Johnny!”
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goodfellas - joe pesci "u think im funny"

blade runner - rutger haurers closing speech

matrix - lobby shootout

godfather - don corleone dieing

godfather - alpacino killing the pig and other guy

godfather part 2 - de niro killing don white suit fellow

deer hunter - both significant russian roulette scenes

usual suspects - ending

fight club - ending

seven - pretty little head

leon - ending

braveheart - the speech and the ending

platoon - when elias dies and barbers adagio for strings is playing

gangs of new york - "one more time for the sweet souvenier" the whole scene where he batters leo and the opening scene.

true romance - wlken and hopper speech

grosse point blank - the fight in the school and the ending

any giving sunday - al pacinos speech about clawing for inches

chopper - when he gets stabbed about 5 times (so relalistic) and when he gfets his ears cut off

resevior dogs - clowns to the left of me...........

pulp fiction - adreniline shot, ezikiel 25:17 the path....., hamburger chat, too much to mention.

kung pow - all evil bettys scenes (possibly the best character ever)

dumb and dumber - the beer scene "killer boots man!!" lol

ninja scroll - final fight scene

akira - tetsos destiny

i have lots more but i have work to do ppl
i hate hugh grant

-the first sex scene in 'crying freeman', where the crying freeman tells that virgin she doesnt have to be ashamed of her body...

-the scene in 'sorority babes in the slimeball bowl-o-rama' where the class nerd saves the busty thief by throwing a molotov coctail at the evil dominatrix. really touching...

-rape scene #3 in 'i spit on your grave' was especially tasteful.

-marlon brando's famous "get the butter" in 'last tango in paris'. get it yourself, pal.

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In recent movies.
Orange County where Jack Black does a Cartwheel over the bed.
The beginning of Saving Private Ryan
The attack of pearl harbor in the movie Pearl Harbor
If you watch movie's closely, watch some of the peoples reactions. Some of them are priceless.
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here's a couple more

Boogie Nights... "Thank you Eddie" and the drug dealing scene

Barry Lyndon - The last duel of the film

Satryican - The scene in the stadium after the minotaur grants mercy

Roma - The catholic fashion show from hell

Magnolia - When Tom Cruise visits his father's death bed. - come visit this site.

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Hello darlings,

Yes to this one: "The Abyss" - Ed harris's character tries to revive an almost dead mary Elizabeth mastantonio.

And yes to Rutger Hauer's farewell scene -- not just the speech, but when he lets the dove go. Only good thing he ever did -- a pity because he was SOOOOOO pretty!

And the closing scene with the voiceover in "Smoke Signals"

And in La Dolce Vita -- that last bit where Marcello just turns and looks at Claudia Cardinale and doesn't say or do anything.

And there is a scene in "The Hero" toward the end when Geena figures out that it was really Dustin Hoffman all the time -- and Hoffman sees his kid on the TV and his kid never got it -- but thought the OTHER guy was the hero. And that shade of pain that passes over Hoffman's face and then is gone. Beautiful!

And in Gods and Monsters when Brendan Frazer starts to take off his shirt and he is suddenly . . . embarassed. He didn't look like he was acting at all. He looked like he was just . . . embarassed.

And in the first LOTR -- when Sam is under the water and has given up. And suddenly this greenish hand plunges downward and grab's Sam's hand that sudden grasping of hands was --- wow! what a rush!

And in Angels and Insects when he realizes what's been going on, and we're afraid he will just . . . take it. The way he has been taking it all the time. And he doesn't. That was great!

Um-um, I should think of something an actress did, shouldn't I. Okay, almost everything Sally Fields did in Soapdish.

And of course Jeff Bridges in Starman.

And Michelle Pfiffer -- that one scene in Ladyhawke when you first see her and she is so BEAUTIFUL! She is the most beautiful thing I ever saw, right then.

And in the "new" Godzilla - the delignted expression on Matthew Broderick's face when he actually gets a look at godzilla. he is so thrilled -- just like a scientist WOULD be. And then the sudden realizatoin that this this big dude is thinking of him as snacks . .. and he begins, very genlty, to back off. And speaking dinosaurs, in the firts of those dinosaur pix, when the archeologist falls to the ground --- just sits down suddenly -- when he actually sees them for the first time. Very cute. Very scientist-like. At least like the ones I have met. More interested in data than in themselves.

Well . . . I could go on.

But I'm worn out now.

Bye darlings,
(bye-bye Chris-Yoda-honey)
Love & kisses