Terminator 3


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No personal stuff just T3

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I am the biggest terminator fan ever! and it pleases me to see some one who is actually interested, thankyou Toose.

Also before the other forum was deleted i shred with people the spoilers for the film, if people want me to type them again just ask, cos its alot to type out all over again.

Im busy today but just ask and as soon as im free, I will put the spoilers here!

That's ok...
For nothing ever disappears completely from these hallowed halls. I can still read your comments.

I too am a fan. I saw the original in the theatres in my sophmore year in H.S. The entire premise is mind bending, the chicken before the egg, time travel on the quantum level. The inconsistencies are a bit baffling (such as a gun cannot travel through but an entire metal endoskeleton can) but the hardware and action make up for it.

It'll be interesting to see how the story is carried forward as all evidence of the 'chip' has been destroyed as of the last installment. Someone will have had to memorize the layout of the chip or made a duplicate or something. Perhaps your spoilers will tell me, I've not read them yet.

I Do like the idea of the Femme Fatale here. It lends quite another air of drama to the story line.

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Just to let you know, the reason an Endo skeleton can travel through time is because it is surrounded by living tissue!

Also my spoilers did reveal everything u were wondering about and more. If you can find them enjoy!

Where do you find them, if u do find them?


I have been granted special access

If Kyle (in the original) were expecting to do battle with a terminator why would he not disassemble one of those little blasters and insert the parts into his anus a la a drug trafficking granny? I'm trying to imagine not doing that were I in his shoes... a moment of discomfort=a world of advantage I should think.

I'm not being facetious here, I really do see that line of reasoning as flawed.

I did read your spoilers... so all of that is to take place:
WARNING: "T3" spoilers below
before the destruction of all the records/databases in the second film? Or did some of the data survive? or does she bring the data with her?

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Have you seen the size of a plasma rifle! I can't even be possible to fit one of those things up your arse. Any way, shoving a gun up your ass(even if possible) would ruin the film, what kyle pulls out the gun from his ass shoots arnie, arnie dies, kyle has to have extensive surgery to reconstruct his anus, the end. It ain't a good premise for an action movie, maybe a comedy! lol

WARNING: "terminator 3" spoilers below
well the tx is skynet so she knows everything there is to know!

well this has to be the thread with the most spoliers in it, im glad to see Skynet has learnt how to do it properly, she might just fit in better than Raziel after all.

SkyNet's a female?
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I confirm that I am a male.

More spoilers soon, just very busy at the moment.

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Still busy, but as the main man says, "I'll be back".

Sorry for calling you a female, i should have probably asked, another whoops to add to the table. Has Terminator Three got a new release date? As far as us Australians are conerned it not coming out at all (most of them dont even know its being made)

Skynet, I congratulate you on beating the "How Long It Takes For Someone To Mention Sticking A Gun Up Their Arse And/Or Having Arse Reconstruction Surgery Record"!! Good job! I am interested, by the way. I just felt a little protective about the Yoda/Naisy thing before. Where did you hear this, though? I'm not calling you a liar, I just want to know whether or not your source is liar. I have no doubt that you actually heard this. I mean, there are a lor of people out there who say stuff to get attention.
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I am going to triple post, don't tell me off, it's three different questions answered.


United States
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003

Overseas Release Dates:
Argentina: 10 July 2003
Belgium: 8 October 2003
Canada: 2 July 2003
France: 8 October 2003
Germany: 18 September 2003
Japan: 12 July 2003
Mexico: 4 July 2003
The Netherlands: 24 July 2003
Norway: 4 July 2003
Sweden: 16 July 2003
UK: 4 July 2003

I am not sure bout austrailia but I am sure this is a rough idea for you.

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I won't mention where I heard it from jus over the web.ok.

Also I am only telling you what someone has told me, I don't lie to get attention, I think doing that kind of thing is pathetic.

If the spoilers I have given you are false it ain't my fault, I will have heard a load of lies jus like you. I really think these are legitamate!!!! (if spelling is wrong on that please don't say so).

I will post spoilers soon but I ain't got much time.

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These are the latest pics! tell me what you think of them!

Not bad! Ahnuld does look a little older though. I mean, it's obvious they/he did a lot of work to look like he does in those picutres. There's a definiter difference, but otherwise, it's nto too bad! BTW, I never said you're lying. In fact, I said the opposite. I quote myself:

Where did you hear this, though? I'm not calling you a liar, I just want to know whether or not your source is liar. I have no doubt that you actually heard this. I mean, there are a lor of people out there who say stuff to get attention.
I meant that the people who said that to you might be getting attention. YOur probobly right, but the only way we can be sure, is to wait until the movie comes out. In the meantime, thought, I am as interested as anyone else is in these spoilers.

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Gracie i didn't mean to sound like I was sayin u were callin me a liar. sorry. As far as the spoilers go, don't be mad at me if they are false. I am only sharing with you what I have heard.

You will have to tell me were i was up to with those spoilers, I've forgot as soon as you tell me I will proceed.

Why would I br mad? It's not your fault they were untrue, and you never gaurenteed that they were, either! No-one will be mad at you if they're not. The last spoiler was about how Ahnuld got his leather. Please proceed!

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have i told u how arnie was created?