HELP! (if you can)


"Conscience is a nuisance. A fly. A barking dog."
Hey guys! This is my first post here, and I created an account mainly because of this issue I want to present to you.
I have a friend of mine that is a hip-hop producer and wants to sample a movie that features voices talking about drug dealing, and dialogue from drug transactions happening in the street. He already has some cool samples from "The Wackness", "Spun" and "Clockers", but he needs more. Can anyone advise me some movies that have cool dialogues on this subject? It would be of great help, because certainly there are many movies like that that I don't know and would like to. Thanks!

"Conscience is a nuisance. A fly. A barking dog."
It's not a movie but there is a veritable wealth of that sort of talk in HBO's The Wire.
Yeah that's a good idea. But even so, I still would like to find more feature films that have that kind of dialogue. Thanks for your help!