The Benchwarmers (Napoleon Dynamite 2)


i know Heder is rehashing Napoleon without the wig, etc. But, I must admit this trailer makes me laugh. Alot.

Haha, saw this trailer for the first time a few days ago. I thought it was a 'first' movie, I didnt know it was a sequel. I want to see it.
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It's not a sequel. Oh, forget it.

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Looks funny but yeah ......not really a sequel to napoleon is it? firstly Heder's name in the movie isn't napoleon, none of the characters from Napoleon Dynamite are in it and Neder doesn't look/speak/act like napoleon....

You people are literally retarded. Holy crap.

By the way. lol. They have a myspace page.

Why did you say it was "Napoleon Dynamite 2" then? Hmmm...seems like your the one who is being retarted.

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According to IMDB, Jon Heder plays Clark in the movie The Benchwarmers.