Old murder, powerful older man, younger investigator, intrigue


This movie popped into my head while reading another post, but I can't remember what it was. Hopefully someone here knows.

I'm not totally sure if this first part is part of the same movie, but I think so.

A man who is a reporter or an investigator of some kind, or possibly a hitman, gets a tip or an assignment to go to a certain place. After he gets there, not all goes as planned, ending with his passport or papers being confiscated. This situation leads to him essentially being pressured into investigating what the rest of the movie is about.

He ultimately is led to this other place, which is headed up by a wealthy and powerful older man, who has a young woman staying in the same house with him, who is either his mistress or his daughter or his ward. The main guy sleeps with her, but there is something weird or elusive about her. While there, the older powerful man becomes aware that the younger man is secretly investigating something, possibly him, and he tells the younger guy that basically he no chance against the older man because the older man has so much more savvy and influence.

All of this has something to do with this woman who died like 20 years ago or so, who the younger man knows or suspects that the older man killed by pushing out a window. This dead woman is possibly the mother of the young girl who is the romantic interest. I also think she was the old flame of the man who sent the hero on the investigation in the first place.

It also might be a part of this film that the man who sent the main guy on this investigation in the first place knew the older powerful man, and the older powerful man might say that this other guy would never believe that he killed this woman.

Also, these men might be spies or possibly former Nazis. I'm not sure about that though.

Also, I think the main guy was a well-known actor, as was the older powerful man. I don't remember about anybody else.

I think this film was probably from either the late '60s, the '70s, or maybe the '80s.

I'm sorry for the lack of detail, I'm really just left with general impressions of this film rather than specifics. And again, I'm really not sure if that passport thing is part of this film or another film. If it is a different film, and you know what that is, I'd love to know that too!

Thank you in advance!

The Odessa File?

I'm not sure -- I've seen The Odessa File, but I don't remember it really, and I didn't recognize much from the trailer you posted. I read a detailed plot summary of it on wikipedia, and it does have many elements in common with the movie I'm thinking of, but the murder victim wasn't a woman, and there was no mention of another girl staying at the powerful man's place. I could be merging two movies into one, I guess -- I'll have to watch more of the movie to know for sure. But still, I have doubts, because the dead woman from years ago was a key plot point as far as I can recall.

Thanks! I'll check it out and report back.

do u know what genre it is

From what I remember, it was a suspenseful intrigue type of film, possibly a thriller -- not a murder mystery really, but moreso the kind of film where someone uncovers a conspiracy or a web of secrets.

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From what I remember, it was a suspenseful intrigue type of film, possibly a thriller -- not a murder mystery really, but moreso the kind of film where someone uncovers a conspiracy or a web of secrets.
ohhh okay i will search it up when i get home from work

is it Presumed Innocent (1990)

I don't think it's Presumed Innocent -- I watched the trailer, and the setting isn't what I remember. Plus, in the film I'm looking for, I'm pretty sure the murder happened a long time before the main action, like 20 years or something.

Thank you so much for the suggestion, though!

In the meantime, I'm checking out the Odessa File. It has the right vibe, but so far it doesn't look like it's heading in the right direction. But I'll see what happens. But so far, nothing has looked familiar, even though I've seen this movie at least twice before in my life!


I watched the Odessa File, and it was a great film, but it's not the one I'm looking for. It did have a number of similarities, in particular the part where Jon Voight confronts the Nazi war criminal, but there was no strange woman there, and there was no other woman discussed who died by getting pushed out of a window or off a roof. But I'm guessing that this movie is probably where I got the idea that "my" movie involved nazis. That may not have actually been part of the movie I'm looking for.

So I'm still looking for the movie! In the meantime, I really enjoyed the Odessa File, so thank you very much!

One 1970's Nazi movie is Marathon Man. It does have a woman who he sleeps with. He does get pulled into the intrigue involuntarily There were three older men - his brother who is murdered (Roy Scheider); a friend/co-worker of the dead brother (William Devane); and
the old Nazi (Laurence Olivier).

No woman pushed out of window.

Hmmm, I saw Marathon Man many years ago, and I want to say that I don't think that's it, but I will check it out for sure after I check out this other lead I came across, which is End of the Game, also with Jon Voight.



So it turns out that "The End of the Game" with Jon Voight, Robert Shaw & Jacqueline Bisset is the movie I'm looking for.

Oddly, there was only one scene in the movie that caused me to say aha, I remember this, and it was a pretty ordinary scene compared to the many other bizarre scenes in the film, including a lengthy dark-comedy scene involving Donald Sutherland, who I've always loved -- but this had all the plot elements I remembered, except for the scene I thought was the beginning but wasn't sure about (that must be something else I saw around the same time) and the dead woman wasn't pushed out a window, she was pushed off a bridge. And no Nazis -- I guess I mixed that up with Odessa because of the similarities).

So thank you for you help! I'd still like to know what the other film was that starts off with a failed mission or meeting, but I'll mark this mystery solved.

Thanks again!