Letís talk about a little thing called boredom. Iím not a person that gets bored easily. Even if Iím watching episodes of a tv show that isnít the most exciting, I end up multitasking, so that I can keep my brain active. But when youíre recapping a movie, youíve got to keep your attention on the screen at all times. And holy crap, this movie is boring at times. Part of it has to do with the halfassed acting, part of it has to do with terrible characters, that are not relatable, nor enjoyable to watch. The deaths were fine, but nothing exciting. Boredom is just the word for this movie.

Now, they did better, about 80% of the way through this film. As soon as the two girls were at the movie theater, it became a completely different experience. I was intrigued, I was excited to see what would happen next. Even the final death of the 3 remaining survivors was done well. Because they didnít build it up too much, they died almost instantly and you knew it was gonna happen. But then again, maybe it wouldnít? Remember Final Destination 1? The two main characters, Alex and Clear, didnít die until after the movie was over. And we wondered what would happen to them? Final Destination 2? Same thing, Thomas and Kimberly died afterwards. And again, we questioned if they would survive. These questions were almost fundamental to the movies.

And the ending to Final Destination 3 was good, because that was the first time there had been a second big premonition. There were no questions and that was okay.

But with this one, I only now wonder, what will happen to all of the survivors of the theatre fire that Nick saved? Obviously, death is coming after them, but I guess weíll never quite know how that chain of events will go down. And I guess in the grand scheme of things, it doesnít really matter. What is important is that The Final Destination did that second big premonition right. It built it up with the perfect amount of suspense and a big plot twist when we thought the movie would be over.

It was a really good ending. But that doesnít excuse it for the hour of horse **** I had to watch before it got exciting. Iím seriously concerned about watching Final Destination 5 now, because I canít think of any way they can dig themselves out of this hole.
Maybe if the big accident at the beginning of the movie is written a bit better and the deaths are a bit more exciting and please, please write some lovable, or at least, likable characters. I liked most of the cast from Final Destination 1, the main characters from 2 and 3 were even decent. But these characters they just sucked.

Weíve only got one film left in this franchise and again, I hope it turns out to be good. So should you watch The Final Destination? If, and thatís a big if, you enjoyed the first 3 films Ė sure watch it. Grab some buddies and do a Final Destination marathon. I donít suggest making this your first film in the franchise and it really doesnít have too many big connections or even references to the first 3 films, so technically you can also skip it.