Favorite Film Critic?


Anyone truly have a favorite film critic or consider one, particular critic to be the best?

My favorite is Walter Chaw from FilmFreakCentral.net

His reviews are incredibly detailed and informed.

I used to like Ebert, but I think he fell into the trap of most newspaper critics long ago, which is he likes too much stuff.

I used to be a fairly well-known film critic myself, so I'm curious as to opinions and would love to discover some other critics I didn't know about.

I also like The Filthy Critic.

Ebert (even though he hasn't seen The Terminator )
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Probably Stanley Kauffman, but there aren't any current professional critics that I read regularly. I follow a handful of people online but they all talk about literature and philosophy and other things rather than focusing exclusively on films.

I'm especially fond of reading about why or how a given film was made (the more detailed, the better) and don't have much time for the "impressionistic" ones like Pauline Kael, though I like some of her reviews too. I get impatient with most second-hand descriptions of an experience and would just rather have my own, I guess. Or maybe it's more a matter of just not liking the gushy style of a lot of film-crit writing or something.

I definitely find film criticism to be something overvalued and taken way too seriously. Most film critics think an awful lot of themselves and write that way.

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Starting to get the picture? All my MoFos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd rather get MoFo opinions, to be honest...

And yes, I said Meatwadsprite - his reviews are FUN to read.
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I don't really like any of the prominent film critics out there. They're pompous and out of touch.

My boyfriend got me into Doug Benson's podcast 'Doug Loves Movies' and I find his tastes to be similar to my own. Plus, he's high-larious
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I think the Halliwell Film Guides were a pretty good indication of quality. They had two great features- one, italicising the cast/crew member whose contribution to the film is particularly noteworthy; two, the star system:

4 stars= masterpiece, or landmark in film history
3 stars= film of a high quality
2 stars= film with two good things going for it
1 star= worth watching

Instead of gushing and spreading hype, it provided a considered review of a film's quality, taking into account the opinions of other critics and popularity at the box office.
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I don't really like any of the prominent film critics out there. They're pompous and out of touch.

My boyfriend got me into Doug Benson's podcast 'Doug Loves Movies' and I find his tastes to be similar to my own. Plus, he's high-larious
I think you just have to find one that you agree with a lot and then you can trust their opinion more. They're not all out of touch, but I agree it does seem to be a trend.

Oh and yeah, DLM is awesome.

It's a cliched choice, but Ebert is really the only one I trust if at all.

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The only two I read consistently are Ebert and James Berdardenelli.
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My favorite film critic was that sexy dumb Latina that could barely speak English on Channel 5. Or was she the sports announcer?
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I look up the AVClub from time to time but honestly I don't pay attention to any critics overall.

I find myself in agreement with Ebert surprisingly often, so I'll go with him.
Same here, except for horror films.

On second thought, I like just about whichever critic gave my last watched film a good review. I almost never dislike movies, and can't stand it when critics criticize them. If A gave, say, Revenge of the Nerds a rave review, I'll like A, until he gives my next movie, make it Giallo a bad review. Then I dislike A and like B, who also loved Giallo.

Well, Neill Cumpston obviously. David Thomson is always worth reading, and so is Ebert, but really I read all kinds of reviews and don't usually pay attention to who writes them. (I guess it depends on if the quote on Rotten Tomatoes is funny.) I like the Time Out stuff best out of the various film guides and best of this and that books, and I pick up Film Comment and Sight and Sound when I bother to buy magazines, so all those people too.

I like Confused Matthew. He's picky and hates some beloved classics, but he really backs up his opinions, and he's got an interesting take on a lot of different films. Though every single person I have mentioned him to have never heard of him, but that doesn't really matter anyways.